How bad are used boat prices depressed. Had an email from zeehag yesterday. She is trying to sell a boat, and was totally freaked out, cause a 30 something S2, very nice boat, sold in Cal. last few days for 1200 bucks. That is absolutely amazing, and don't even want to believe it, but she has absolutely no reason to make that up. Is it that bad in other areas? Market is way down here in Louisiana, but nowhere near that bad.

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i have a friend in avalon, catalina, told me of three boats selling in the last week or 2 for under 5 k each--one a perfectly goood s2 in perfect shape with a well working yanmar diesel and full gear for 1200 dollars-----and a catalina 30 for 3k---i forget the other one, but is 30-35 ft, as were the other 2, for under 5k-----wow i will keep mine forever at this rate--i cannot afford to sell under a certain price--way more than these sold for--our market is definitly bad-----is an excellent time to buy!!

I am also between boats = haven't sold the old one but have bought the new one.

If the prices are so bad, I should be buying my 3rd boat and do it up in Asia. Make it my hobby/income.

you shoul dbe buyin gmine so i dont have to worry about it!!!!!
I spoke to a broker friend a month ago and he said nothing had sold yet this year and they have a big firm in Seattle. It sounds grim but none of the prices seem to be coming down either.
I didn't see prices coming down either, but then again I was in the low price bracket. Maybe once you're negotiating? My boat was definitely the previous owner's baby (glad now) and he hated having to sell her. I saw a few free ones that got snatched up quick up this way, but haven't seen any lately. Some people really love their boats and maybe hoping things turn around, don't really want to sell them? May be bargains out there but one really has to be on top of things and be ready with keys and check in hand.
I haven't noticed the boating prices around here - I've been more concerned about housing prices! We may have to sell in a market that just isn't in our favor. Of course this is common across most industries including boating as well.

There's a good boat-buying guide/tips on DiscoverBoating. Probably more for new boaters, but perhaps there's something there that you might find useful?

Of course with just about anything right now, if you've got the money it's a great time to buy just about anything. Problem is finding the money!
Well I am happy to say I just sold my 1966 DS1 for $1500 with a trailer. I now own a 7.9 meter S2!

DS 1 - is that ODAy daysailer ? ... and what is the S2... a little more info would be great. Congrats on your sale.
Sorry to say it guys, but most people feel that boats are luxury items, not neccesities, therefore prices are way down. (They are a neccesity to me!)
That said quality boats still hold their value.

John B
My 27 ft baby is now for sale. I am in Canada so although used boat prices may appear different, think it all evens out with the exchange rate. I will need to see how it works out for me, fortunately, my boat a CS is a popular design up here. Getting the money I would like to receive for her will be the issue........overall it is a fair asking price.......wish me luck.... DJ
We had the chance to sell our Elan 333 from 1999 last Week for 50 000 Eur.
Many Brokers where surprised that I managed to sell her on my own, because it seems not be a god moment to sell boats at the moment in the Adriatic sea. I think the biggest problem is that now there are to many old charter boats on the market because those Charter-companys can no more afford those.Actually the customers want new boats for a low price because they noticed that there is a crisis ( yes, in some sectors a few people lost they're Jobs but a lot of the crisis in Europe is made by our politicians who try to cover they're stupid politics in the finance sector with the US! an telling the people now that there is a really bad crisis every where ! Rich people lost money, but they still have more than the normal ones ... and the now they try to again the money again by s**** those who had nothing to do with they're *games* ).

Real private Boats in a god shape are still hard to find and expensive ...


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