Game on! The movie is in theaters now. Not sure when we'll get around to see it but we can't wait! If you've already seen it, please, share!

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Plan to go ...heard a lot of good comments
The house was packed at the Annapolis premier of Morning Light. I arrived late with my two sons (14 & 17) so I wasn't able to enjoy the reception with Roy Disney, his wife, and Robbie Haines and some of the Morning Light crew. I did greet Robbie as he and I have had an excellent adventure in 1989 at the Admirals Cup and from some communications when they were considering Chris Schubert for the ML team. Chris was a Midshipman at the Naval Academy where I work & coach for the Offshore Sailing Team.
The best sailing was during the training footage and the portion of the TransPac race as they approached Hawaii, but the weather was the controlling feature for most of the race with an unusually large high pressure system in the middle of the race course. Still, the ML crew did well with their considerations for the race. I don't want to spoil the ending, but the value of this movie will be with the youth sailing and how this movie will likely inspire kids to go sailing.
For the rest of us we get to see how life is aboard a race boat.
The roll of the dice to choose 2007 to do the film would be the same for any year, just that 2007 had lighter wind than usual for the race.
The future of this film will also benefit anyone interested in team building, especially to the corporate world and business management.
I expect that most movie critics will use the benchmark of today's reality TV where the interest lies how people conspire against each other for the prize and give mediocre scores since there was no mutiny or devastation. This movie is the opposite where the prize is the excellent teamwork they develop.
Another bonus is the quality of the coaching that these young sailors had to develop their skills. They are now amongst the best of their kind and the results are showing it. It's the trickle-down theory at work where each of these young sailors are passing on their new-found knowledge to the people they sail with. The understanding of what it takes to be successful on an offshore race boat is fairly well displayed in the film and should provide plenty of inspiration for sailors, young and old.
My two sons said they really enjoyed the movie.
I'm sure Roy Disney is happy with the movie as I expect that he doesn't expect to get an Oscar for Morning Light.
It was a good effort for an experiment well done.
I loved it. I have been in long distance races and I thought the movie did an excellent job of capturing the experience. The sea shots were lovely of course.

See it on the big screen.

Great idea by R.Disney. I applaud him for inviting the young to exert the talents that others would not allow of them. I have raced against Disney - Pyewacket on many Newport to Ensenada and San Diego to Ensenada races. Disney's respect of the sport was always reflected during those races against him. Took my sons to see the movie and it reinforced the scenarios that we have dreamed of doing and will allow us to pretend reenactments during weekend sails together. Another good movie, which I felt, didn't get noticed was "WIND"
Morning Light official site on the net has where the movie is showing...very limited...I won't be able to see it.
For week 2, the movie has so far grossed $197,280, and went from 34th to 55th.
Two of the crew from the cast who go to Univ of Rhode Island were racing this past weekend at Navy, and another showed up just to say hi. URI got 3rd in the regatta.
Still, they sailed very well.
This movie is a limited release. I haven't been able to find it yet in my area. Sure would like to see it though. At least I could watch the trailer.

Is a great place to watch trailers and find out any information regarding movies, tv etc.
It stands for Internet Movie Database.
I just type in the name of the movie or person I am searching for,
I don't even change the category.

Finally had a chance to see it. What a disappointment! Don't know where to start.

First thing that struck me was to see those kids, on deck without any life jackets on or being tied to jacklines at all in some of the offshore scenes. Is that what it's like on a racing boat? Hmmm... feels wrong to me...

And then, there's no plot, no real story, no real good ending! And why choose a reality show format, only to make it so bland? Why not make it a docudrama instead and tell the story mentioned at the beginning of the group of young guys that actually took the trophy in the sixties?

And then there's all the cliches. Abundant sunset shots, cheap lines, Please! This movie makes sailing look like a sport for spoiled kids whose idea of a tough challenge is a five minute swim with shoes on.

If Roy Disney thought he was going to inspire young people to take on new challenges or try sailing, he missed a great opportunity. Because the movie is so bad almost nobody saw it!!!

Walt Disney Pictures must be so embarrassed. I was hoping this would be a contemporary movie that makes all sailors proud and really captures the attention and inspiration of those who have not had a chance to discover it yet.

Well, that movie may come out one day. This one just isn't it...
Glad to hear. Also everyone I get the latest movies on my computer for 4.98 per month..type in Graboid...


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