I am headed to Turkey for a family sailing vacation in a few months. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on destinations, coves, restaurants, marinas, etc. Let me know!


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Hello Andrea,

I have a very good friend in bodrum. His name is Udo Hinnerkopf He is german and is living there for many years and is doing charter business. So he knows nearly every place there. That is why he is doing a blog about turkey. His email is phone: +90 532 295 7504 - fax: +90 252 313 3276
The webpage is in german, but you can see all the details about the coast. Do not hesitate to conact Udo, he can help you!

Wow, great! Thanks !!!
Here's a fellow you might check out. He used to visit Yahoo's sailing chatroom a lot. Very nice guy who built his own boat and lives and sails in Turkey. There's an email link on his site.
I will check this out. Thanks!
This is very helpful. I just cannot wait for this trip. Thanks so much for the info!
We live in Turkey / istanbul..
Will you charter a boat ? or will come with your own ?
I suggest you to visit gokova and hisaronu Bays..
You can start the trip form Bodrum ıf you like...
Agah Tansev
S/Y Kraken
That is where we will be starting. I cannot wait - the countdown has begun! We are flying through Istanbul to get to Bodrum. It'll be a long, long flight or 2 or 3....based on comments I have been reading and the pictures I have seen, it will be worth it! Thanks for the advice.
Hi Andrea,

I worked in the yacht charter industry in Turkey for a couple of years. If you're interested, I could give you some places to see.

Hi Phil, our trip is from Bodrum to Gocek. If you had to pick your favorite spot between those two destinations what would it be?
Save the giblets for the gravy.
Have a great trip.

Cruise up the Bhosphorus and visit crusader castles
Visit Ephesus and learn wher Mary spent the last years of her life
Get a steam bath and oil massage in Istanbul
Eat some of the best seafood in all the med.
Turkey has been the gateway between Asia and Europe since men began traveling
and reflects it. You are going to love it.
Thank you to everyone that shared their recommendations. We had a terrific time. The days were filled with beautiful places, wonderful food and great company. I will be writing about it in my blog. It truly was worth the long flight to get there. More to come!

Thanks again!


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