Trizonia Island to Messonlongi (under the Rion Bridge) 48 nm

Force 6 quickly became Force 8 with higher gusts. We left Trizonia by 7.30am. All boats headed out together and went under the bridge in a line. After that ..the boats spead out and visibility quickly deteriorated. The wind rose to a strong Force 8 ..following we were surfing down the waves with the rain whipping our backs as we went .. but what a ride! We needed the GPS to find the entrance channel to Messalongi ...2 boats experienced difficulties engine failure and one sail ripped to shreds but all got in safely ..eventually. We are very lucky to have a great lead crew ..a mixture of young people from all over the globe ..the lead skipper is from San Diego and did a marvelous job to get all the crews in yesterday. We are at present sitting in the marina bar in Messonlongi you will have to excuse me while I try and catch up with the others who are already 2 drinks ahead of me!

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Comment by Chuck (C_Note) on October 19, 2011 at 10:00am
How much longer is this voyage suppose to continue? It sounds like you are having too much fun. Not sure I'd want to come back.
Comment by Steve Knight on October 17, 2011 at 4:07pm
Which way did they go?  How many were there?  How much head start did they have?  I must find them, I'm their leader!

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