One of the last boats to arrive at the island we had a narrow berthing option narrow ..that the tender pushed us on ..port-side-to ...all went well until someone came to tie alongside us and discovered that the yachts have no brakes! ...their anchor left a decorative mark along our bow! ..Have I drooled about the boat yet? a 44 Bavaria called 'Fanourios' ..a Greek Saint or a prayer or something ..very interesting story ..about St.Fanourios' mother ...seems she was a bit naughty but it doesnt tell us what she did ...all it says is ..please pray for St. Fanourios' mother!!  I say my own little prayer which goes...please let Kate live a life that will have people praying for my children's mother for generations!! We ate at the Calypso Bar ..the cheese cake was to die for and the wine is very cheap here and very good. I was very happy heading back to the boat but no where near emulating St. Fanourios' mum ...yet!!  It started to rain and this signalled the turn in the weather but we had no idea of what was to come. Our briefing suggested Force 6 for the following day which it was ...and then some! 

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