This plastic sextant was purchased for the Bermuda shake down cruise. Sailing mate, Maryanne enjoyed telling everyone that yes I have a sextant. It is nicely packed in the original box. The wrapping still sealing it in place. Well, just so you know, the sextant is out of the box. 

Before I get too carried away with it I thought I would learn how to use the computer software I purchased. That is a challenge. I used it before leaving Everglades City and was able to put it waypoints. Now, navigating the system is frustrating. I don't understand the icons. The help section is not helpful. Oh well,,,,,

Here in Georgetown, it is like a yuppie paradise. I am the only one of nearly 300 cruisers who actually rows her dinghy. Few, if any use SSB/Ham radios. Most are retirees, or at least looking that age. Speaking of which there is a gathering of folks talking about others who are taking the exams to become a 'ham.' What a bureaucracy.

Have met a few nice people along the way. The retired pilot with deep blue eyes who owns a Seawind 1000. It is a nice catamaran that I considered buying at three times the cost of SPRAY. It has twin outboard motors which I was warned against for world wide travels. World wide, I haven't even left the Bahamas yet. With that being said, Bermuda seems to be a feather in our caps (me and my fearless crew, Maryanne). 

Also, met the resident vagabond sailor who has lived in Georgetown for 15 years. Although he is helping with that perpetual masthead anchor light, his obvious lack of ambition is not my cup of tea. 

Choosing to use the internet at St. Francis resort I find myself wondering why I paid $2 for 85 minutes when I can go across the harbor and use wi-fi for free. It is a pretty view. But not exactly cost effective.

As soon as the Garmin charts of the East and Western Caribbean arrive I will plan to depart. It looks like sailing over to Long Island makes sense. Short hops as I meander about. 

Til I blog again. . . . .

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