Years ago a sailing friend who specializes in building hydrofoils reminded a group of us that change only takes place via revolution or evolution. This was related to the development of such performance boats as high speed hydrofoil sailboats.It also applies to life. Take for instance the sudden change to a spouse left alone by his or her mate's untimely death. Suddenly decisions have to be made which may cause major change; selling a house, moving in with other family members, getting a job, or simply getting used to coming home to an empty house.

An evolutionary life change is more like my transition from living in a comfy, safe, beach town. Every day I make progress to leave my solidly built concrete adobe with a 50 year warranted metal roof, low electrical bills,with all the amenties within one square mile. Five days a week, for at least one hour after work is spent reading, cleaning, exploring some aspect of my Marples 35 tri. After 30 years of racing small boats nearly every week-end, I admitted to selling my sunfish. Within weeks I will concede with selling my beloved Hobie 14. Sure, I'll miss a big regatta this week-end. But I only have so much money to spend. It's time to seriously focus on the big goal, the lifelong dream. No more racing around lakes and rivers and even along Florida's coast. Nope, every thing I do is now on the conveyor belt transforming me. rom the security of a career as a school counselor, to that of a free lance sailor, hoping to make it safely around.


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