Hanna to whiz through and then it's Ike...but probably not Josephine...

People are getting ready in O Town for the hurricane tri-fecta, but not doing major prep for Hanna. She is due to check in and out quickly (and in very early Friday am and out by the end of the day) so we can all get ready for Ike! Latest update: Hanna to pretty much miss O Town...she's apparently pushed even more to the east.

Ike will be affecting us next week sometime...maybe Tuesday or so. Drat it...I'm not sure I have enough bread! :)
This is the one that may really be bad...a possible category 4 by next Tuesday.

Hanna is still predicted to dump rain on us, but the forecasters have moved it out more off the east coast of FL so
O Town will be getting the outer bands as previously predicted.
The extra rain is playing havoc on the roads here and the potholes are getting more numerous (and darn those buggers....I am ON TOP of the stupid things in my car before I realize...OH, LITTLE DEEP HOLE IN THE ROAD...bounce...bounce...)

Weather was absolutely beautiful today. The reason we all live in this glorious sailing state. Yes, it's just those pesky hurricanes that are a bit of a nuisance.

EW is due to WILL get hammered by at least Hanna and probably Ike. Not real worried in Touristville or the FL coast about least at this point.

We have a friend who lives in our marina who is keeping an eye on EW since we are 50 minutes away. She is as prepared as possible for the storms. A big thank you to Ed.

I hope everyone out there is able to stay dry and safe. Take care.

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