At a home on land, there are plenty of options for storing your instrument. It's not necessarily that easy on board. So what do you do? Hard-shell case? Soft-side gig bag? Neither? Do you lay it down on an underused settee, or tuck it away in a spare cabin? How secure is the instrument when you're out on the water and things get choppy?

My Yamaha acoustic is kept in a gig bag that does a fairly decent job of protecting it. Most of the time I leave the guitar in the underused aft cabin. If my daughter is on board (that's her space), I move the guitar to the V-berth by day, and the main salon by night.

What about the rest of you sailors w/ guitars?

s/v EmmieLou (Oday 322)
Little Silver, NJ

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Soft-side gig bag. That's when I bother putting it in a bag. My guitar is useless if it's not handy. But then, again, my previous guitar exploded in the settee when I left her aboard during the week and the high temperature melted the glue that holds the bridge in place...
A long time ago I had a nondescript 3/4 size guitar I bought in a pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale for 50 bucks.
It was easier to stow and cheap enough that it didn't mind the abuse of boat living. After a few beers, the guitar sounded and looked more beautiful (Musical beer goggles).
I think I gave it to somebody who needed a guitar in Antigua.
The next time I do end up on a longer passage, I would consider one of those Martin Back Packer or Washburn Rover guitars.
A guy was playing one of those Martins with a sound hole pickup at a cafe jam and it sounded awesome. (Yes, more beer goggles... :)
Anyone play one of those Martin Backpackers or Washburn Rovers?
I have had a Martin Backpacker for several years and stopped carrying any of my other full size guitars aboard. it stows easily is protected fairly well in it's bag... plan to put a pickup under the bridge so i can plug in when the opportunity arises.
I usually play songs by John Denver, America, Praise and Worship songs, and instrumental songs that I have written.


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