Hello everyone,
I was wondering, are all these sailing singles singlehanders or open to potential crew opportunities too?
You see, I generally singlehand, when my other arm is twisted ;)
However, since I'm still a novice, I do enjoy having company and perhaps a little extra hand of help, especially when exploring new territory or sailing at night.
I've been in search of the best way to find persons with little to some or more experience that don't mind sailing on someone else's boat.
For example, I'm planning a four day sailing trip to a new place over thanksgiving. It's an annual raft-up for some of my sailing friends, but this will be my first year. Would love to have company for the trip, but how does one go about finding trustworthy company...

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Easy to understand the replies just barely seem to connect to the posts, and he actually said women so apparently it has been a few, but I know as many guys who are the same.

I had been traveling in Europe for a couple of months and while I was away my close friends had learned to sail, and bought a boat. As soon as I was back they took me out knowing I would be immediately hooked as well. It never occurred to any of us that I wouldn't learn and pitch in. After getting all the basics I went on to take what ever courses were available and quickly ended up mentoring with the local sailing school to help teach beginners. When talking to others about sailing I am generally surprised to hear how rarely folks are enthusiastic about it, with fear being a major deterrent.
Even when we would take non sailing friends out they were first informed if your not active crew you are "movable ballast" and expected to pay attention :D They had an Aquarius 24 and the winds on that lake are consistent so it is easy to get going, and often meant beating into the wind, plenty of time to heave to and have a picnic of course but as active sailors we were way more interested in developing mastery. They have since partnered with the friend who got them started and bought a 45' that they are cruising most of the year now, and I am on the opposite side of the country. Missing sailing way too much!
Ditto for me too...I welcome people to come sail with me in SC..see my offer in FEMALE SAILORS GROUP.
Hello Jen, I live in Cape Coral and am always looking for crew for day sails and longer trips. I do have to get to know anyone I take aboard my boat. I need to know your experience, personality and disposition. I belong to a large SW Fl. sailing club and do trips with them as well as sail off when ever I can. If interested in talking...let me know.
Mel...S/V Sea Puppy
I'd love to open a dialogue with sailors who would take on crew for a bit longer sail, such as a week or more, it would be a bit of a trip for me but I am ready, willing, and able. I'm allergic to cigarettes, and don't want to be around them.

My experience is all lake but have sailed with a number of others and helped teach beginners. Personality is easy going, happy, can do mind set. I'm as cautious as you sound about what and who I'd be at sea with. When I first learned and started thinking of crewing 15+ years ago the stories I heard were often horrific. I want to know the captain, and boat are both sea worthy. So if you'd like to chat more I'd be interested.
Hi Jen, Happy to help mid May to Mid June if you want to go sailing at that time. Sailed a bit in your area, Bahamas, Panama, Mustique. Would visit prior for you to assess suitability. If it works the hospitality would be recipricated and you could sail here in Aust.The invitation applies to any one wanting a change of location and / crew. I sail a Seawing 1160.

kind regards,

looking to move my boat from CHS, SC to the windward/southern carib mid-april - def looking for more crew...

leaving sin diego for mazatlan and points south MAR 1 2010...plan on cana land caribean and gulf coast cuising,legs of my trip are available on share the sail basis.
What are you sailing on? I'm a multihull enthusiast, but do some monohull sailing. I'm looking to buy a blue water ocean cruiser, tri or cat,,,, low budget, though, , , , , where are you located?


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