I have started thinking about our next re-power, and like the idea of going electric. Does anyone have any experience with electric drives on a sailing cat?

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No, but I seriously considered a hybrid system. Glacier Bay looks promising.
So far, it seems that the diesel electric systems haven't proven their potential to be much more efficient than diesel engines.
I understand that a refit would also be much more expensive than an original build, and much more than diesel engines.
There is also the safety factor of having a whole "spare" engine on a cat, rather than just one generator (or all the spare parts carried by monohullers).
If you are an early adopter, with lots of money, and staying close to the US where you can get all the bugs worked out, go for it, the idea is great.
I haven't checked out what Glacier Bay are doing, just at a few systems like Solidnav, ASMO, Torqeedo and Re-E-Power.
I agree that a hybrid would be the way to go, hopefully by the time I need to re-power prices will have come down.
You may try Scott Self... he built a 40 foot cat in Rockwall near Dallas and equippted it with twin electric drive units.
Thin is his email address

You can mention my name if you speak to him as he is going to be supporting my Cuba Run 2010 next November.

John Webster
Cuba Run 2010
Hi Stephen,
Lagoon has built some models with elec drives. I got to check one out when I was looking at different Cats to buy. In the Lagoon newsgroup people have complained about the sailing characteristics of these boats. I'm not certain if it was due to additional battery weight, weight distribution or just the hull design of the models they put them in. Diesel/electric drives have been around for a long time so I'm sure the technology is there. I personally like the redundancy of 2 diesel engines! Have you updated your system yet?
Hi CaptRick,
Still have my diesels as they are still working OK. Have checked out a few electric systems in preparation. Just trying to get some first hand information from those who have gone before me down this road.
Have never sailed a Lagoon but have over taken one, under sail, while it was motoring upwind. I guess they are made for charterers, who tend to motor a lot.



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