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Check out The Gold Bug written by Edgar Allen Poe if you haven't read it. Excellent short story.

Fer those that not be knowin as of yet:


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will be makin port on May 20, 2011. Come see Captain Jack as he searches fer de fountin o youth. Rumor also has it there will be a POTC5 and POTC6 to create a second trilogy. 

I've been playing a game for the PC entitled "Pirates of The Burning Sea". It is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game that recently became to play. Previously a $15 month subscription access was required. It's somewhat comparable to Second Life except with a piratey theme, a virtual economy, ship to ship battles, and joinable societies.
if any of you are interested in pirate games then the classic one was of course Blackbeard. an exceptionally good game but very long. If you want something to pass a few hours on deck, then there is a fun little pirate game called scallywags, where you need to build up a little motley pirate crew, before setting sail. we like it anyway!


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