There are not many of us who have not thought about finding treasure.  I am an avid scuba diver and I think about that every time I am diving an old wreck.  It is just something that lurks in the back of your mind.  Over the past few years I started investigating pirate activity here in New Jersey and was surprised at what I learned.  Raritan Bay may be one of the spots holding some of Captain Kidds treasure. There are many stories about where it may be, but during my investigating I found that many are not likely except for one.  The one story uses land marks from the bay to mark the spot where the treasure may be hidden, but the tips were not interpreted correctly.  I used my sailing knowledge to think like I was going to hide treasure and suddenly I discovered another version of where it may be.  Every year I sail the area and check my hunches which build the confirmation more and more.  Please feel free to enjoy my search as it moves forward.  You can find out more information at  

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Long Island was another possibility. I believe Kidd stashed the booty on his way to meet with the govenor of Massachussetts where he was arrested.
Long Island is a possibility. Most of the east coast is, but there were only a hand full of places where he actually unloaded treasure from his vessel. The boats of his that have been found, did not have the amount of treasure they were suppose to, so the bounty sits someplace to yet be found. Keep thinking and keep searching. Maybe after we finish with the treasure lake story, we will branch out to Long Island. But for now, we have a lot more snooping around to do. A mask and snorkel were used this summer to check the locations discussed in the story on my website page, but noting significant was found. At the end of the season when the boat comes out of the water, we will write this years session on looking for the Capt Kidd treasure.

This year I investigated some of the spots where Captain Kidd had alleged buried treasure in Raritan Bay.  The terrain, sea level, and bay have changed since those days.  Markers then may be nonexistent now, as in the Elm trees used to locate his treasure.  In most of the stories about buried treasure, the treasure is no longer where it is suppose to be.  After moving and hiding the treasure on land by the crew, the Captain and first mate usually got everyone drunk that night and went back to shore and moved the treasure.  The only alternative was to kill the crew, which he needed and could not find a better group of cut throats. Captain Kidd did not trust his crew! Ya think?


I will be updating this section of my website later this month with this past seasons investigation.   

This past summer I continued the search.  I was finally able to find the small island off Treasure Lake which is not an island any longer.  There is an area that on an extremely low tide may become an island.  We call this a sand bar or in the bay it is most likely a mud bar.  I found it pretty funny that I had checked this area many times, but never went close enough to the shoreline to find this spot.  This was one accomplishment this season.  Next I drove to Treasure Lake from the other side and found it is surrounded by homes, marsh, and heavily over grown with all sorts of vegetation.  There was no way to get to the bank without going through someones back yard and that wasn't going to be an easy trip either.  I stood where I had the best view and thought where could I enter the lake with my dive gear.  I came to the conclusion that the best way would be to beach my boat and carry the dinghy over the short distance and push it over the cat tails and such until I got to the water.  This will require me to have a full crew aboard the boat that day next season. For those of you who not familiar with Treasure Lake in Aberdeen NJ, I have included a picture of the lake.  We will keep you advised. 



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