I am looking for an inflatable for our B40 and want to store it in front of the mast. One potential problem that I see if a large dinghy would cover the anchor locker/windlass. Is anyone else doing this? If so what brand/size do you have. 

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I have a B43 and store my 9.6' RIB dinghy on the fore deck.   I use my spin halyard to raise and lower the dinghy. There is plenty of room from the mast forward to store a larger dinghy and it would not impede the windlass.  At the moment, my dinghy sits perfectly on the raised portion of the fore deck with plenty of room from the anchor locker.  The only problem I have is that the dinghy prevents me from opening the forward shower hatch as the inflatable tube from the dinghy sits on part of the frame of the hatch.  If I move the dinghy over to starboard by 10 inches, I have no problem with the hatch but then the dinghy looks lopsided on deck.  

We have a B43 and can fit a 310 Walker Bay before the mast without a problem with anchoring. Just some obstructed hatches as Alan points out.  

Thanks for the input. Ed, is your boat a 40 or 43? Do you have a pic of the brace that you installed or can you describe where you placed it? I installed the radar on a mast on the aft port side of the boat and see flexing in the rail in heavy seas, so I am going to reinforce the rail. This may let me solve to issue with one modification.


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