Hi guys, I hope that sailing is going well so far!

This year's project is to add an AIS receiver that integrates with current instruments. 2 Raymarine e80 linked together (helm and inside), Autopilot, VHF, GPS and so on... (most Raymarine)

If I'm right, the options are:

1- Add AIS receiver (e.g. AIS 350) + VHF antenna

2- Add AIS receiver with integrated splitter (ICOM MXA-5000)

3- Add AIS receiver + VHF splitter

4- Replace my RAY55 VHF with Matrix 2150s

No question about option 1 and 3. 

Option 2 : does ICOM MXA 5000 integrate easily with e80 knowing that both MFD units are linked together?

Option 4 : will this radio work with e80 and the remote RAYMIC at helm?

Anything I forgot?

Thanks in advance, you guys always come up with very good advice!

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I looked at an AIS enabled VHF radio for an easy install as it uses the existing VHF antennae.    Unfortunately, it only broadcasts your position and you are not able to receive other ships information.   

I have an E120 and the ICOM MXA-5000. The unit shares the VHF antenna which makes installation easier and cheaper. No noticeable change in VHF performance. Installation was easy other than running the wire to the E120 from the ICOM. I easily pick up AIS equipped vessels from a broad area. The only thing that I haven't been able to get it to do without reprogramming every time is display the vector. Nice to have but not necessary under most circumstances. As for your questions. #2 if the AIS shows on the master display it should also display on the remote. Cant see why it wouldn't.

#4 to the best of my knowledge other than sharing the same VHF antenna there's no link between the AIS unit and the VHF, whether the main VHF or cockpit mounted ram mike.




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