Hi All-

There are so many options out there. I was wondering what options or upgrades you added to your Beneteau that you are happy with and if there are any that you thought were a good idea at the time but could really live without.

- Andrea

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Rather install another one (facing down) and enhance the total experience.
Nah, we're of the age it's better that we don't look :)

We order the table you can pull down for an xtra bed
Is any one have an experience with this table ?
First, the xtra bed function is a pain as you need to remove the undertable legs for a smaller set that come with boat. Second, remove the sole pads as it's fixed with too small screws (my table felt down when a friend was tossed to it in a rough passage) I reinstalled with real bolts and even kids dance on it today .....

There is not enough space between the door and the wc

The doors a really small ...
I crashed there with my head
rd, in my aft bunk its a lower clearance there too. I put up a pretty sailboat calender, and let it hang one inch lower...that way I see that, and I duck now ea time.
hummmm change your feed !!

Where do you find the pieces that are going lost in this hole ?
Have not lost anything in ours. Look behind the back of the seat cusion if you do.

The place of this vanes is not the best ...

I just recived an 30kg Bruce Anchor
Are those parts strong enough ?


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