Would love to find a Beneteau emblem for my car. Anyone have any ideas where one might be found?

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I just checked eBay and there are lots of Beneteau decals for sale on there. Just do an eBay search for "Beneteau" and you will find them easily.
Tks, will do that. Good sailing
How are those emblems sticked on the boat ?

I don`t want that ther is writen OCEANIS 40 on my boat (for different reasons)
Are those stickers glued on the boat or painted in the Gelcoat ?
The Seahorse is a solid chromed piece that is glued on. You should be able to order one through either a local Beneteau dealer or directly from the factory. They have a parts department you can call. The number is on their website.

The name such as Beneteau 40 and all the stripes are vinyl that are stick on. If you want to remove the Beneteau 40 emblem I would think you can heat it with a hair dryer and it should peel off using a plastic scraper. Just don't get the gel coat too hot or you can damage it.

Alain, are you still scheduled to take delivery in June?
Yes. As it seems, the boat will leave the factory at the 18th of June. If this is right, the boat will be in Luxembourg on the 19th so that i can pay the taxes here ( 15% instead of 21% ). After this, the boat will go to Slovenia ( Koper ). We hope to get it at least on the 15th of July :-)

I just wrote an E-mail to Beneteau asking them if they can deliver the boat without the sticker Beneteau 40. I don`t want people to know how long it in real is :-) 11m82 or 12m15
can someone pls advise me, where i could buy Benetaux stickers. I need. Oceanis 35, benetaux, and the emblem. tks for letting me know


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