Looks like Snow has made it to the beaches of South Carolina. Here is a link to the volleyball cam at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms. Snow can clearly be seen covering the boardwalk from the Jammer to the beach. This is real time so eventually the snow will be out of the picture. My ex, who lives outside of Savannah reports that at this moment she has over two inches of snow. Unusual winter. This is not the snow that the north eastern states have received. But it's a winter wonderland to the folks down south.

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I just looked out my window..IT'S SNOWING...I hate this...i moved south to get away from this.

Most people do not know how to drive on this...oh joy
We had icey mix last night and snow this morning in Mandeville LA, north side of Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans.
Since when is S C DEEP SOUTH? :-)
Okay...Okay... Maybe mentioning SC as being in the deep south was pushing it a bit, but you have to give me at least a few points for mentioning GA. I was just making the point that the snow made it all the way to the beaches around Charleston. Usually the ocean prevents this.
I'm not saying it doesn't get cold enough on the islands. It's just that the cold and moisture doesn't seem to arrive together. Many years ago I had a hand in the construction of the condos at the Beach and Racquet club located at the northeastern end of the Isle of Palms. I can remember a few days when the low temperature combined with the strong winds blowing off of the ocean made it so cold that construction was halted for a few days. That was the pre-Hugo era!

And speaking of snow! If I'm not mistaken, Charleston's biggest snowfall hit at Christmas time the year of Hugo
Actually NC is in 3 parts, Mountains, lots of snow, then the middle part called the Piedmont...some snow...then paradise...the Coast...We don't see snow very often...also Myrtle beach, SC...I live on the line.
Deep in the Heart of Texas is better than Deep in the South - the weather is supposed to be rotten tomorrow, a high of only 55, but today it was in the mid-60's.


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