Planning to head north the end of May from Port Canaveral. Looking for advice. In particular, looking for a book that transits the ICW from south to north. Many guides go from north to south which I can convert, but why re-write an existing resource.

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Plan to be in New York for July 4th if you can - or, better yet, go up the Potomac to Washington, D.C. for the 4th. Both great places to visit for the fireworks.

Travel via route 2 - Dismal Swamp - if you choose to go inside Cape Hatteras. Dismal Swamp route is the victim of budget cuts and may not be open much longer. It is a true part of American History.

I don't think you will find a South to North book. More Northerners do the trip South as their first voyage than the other way around.

At one time, I think they all started from the Coastal Pilot - the first of the guide books, I think. It goes from North to South - and there isn't a strong reason to change.

What boat are you taking? /Stu
Baltimore's Inner Harbor is another great place on the 4th of July. Between multiple sets of simply awesome fireworks and a host of classic sailing yachts loaded with canons you won't forget the Star Bangled Banner was written there.
Mike, As much as I love the Napoleons in Baltimore, anchoring in the shadow of the Washington Monument or Statue of Liberty still has Baltimore beat. It is, however, a lovely city to visit.
As a word of warning, I'm a blue water guy.

In my head there is not good reason for doing the ICW North-bound. It's only a week or less from Pt Canaveral to the Chesapeake. Go outside and roll. If the weather deteriorates you can skip Cape Hatteras if you want at Myrtle or Beaufort. I'd just go further out to see, but that is just me.

As the wind shifts it's easy to move in and out of the biggest GS currents and make some real good time with lots of great sailing.

Regardless, ping me when you get close to Annapolis and I'll welcome you to the dock.

sail fast, dave
S/V Auspicious
Great ideas. I will keep this information in my personal planner. Any doubts I had before posting this morning, have dissipated with renewed anticipation. O.K. so I will still tread lightly. Thanks, Marlene
Will keep in touch. Thanks, Sass
I'll be taking my Corsair F28. I spoke to Christine earlier. There is a chance we will be able to buddy boat based on our timing. This will be a 'big deal' sail for me and am balancing the great anticipation against trepedition. :-) Several people responded with words of encouragement. I especially liked the statement about doing what others say I can't do. I've always been in favor of taking the road less traveled. Just getting on Sea Knots is inspiring me to go forth with my plans.

Thanks, Sass


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