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1000 days at sea........... blog Good site for info on sailing in different conditions
Okay... Guess I'll be keeping my Catalina, don't think flying and landing on water is for me..maybe Melissa she'd be an Ace at it. Of course I had to go to the Honeymoon Shuttle..nice saw the bride..where was the groom??? And were those cringles on the round bed?? :-) P.S. was afraid to go to the Flagellum Oscillator...sounds painful
I'm fairly proud of my own website, about our family's circumnavigation on Faith from November 2003 to May 2008. While the index (front) page of the website is devoted to selling my book about our experiences, the destinations and passages pages offer parts and photographs of our story. and respectively.
For excerpts from the book, visit the home page and click on the book icon.
Thank you
Gregg Granger
surfing site but great wind and wave charts plus gotta love the name
is a very cool name..... sounds like something from 1969...oops...from when i was in nursery school... i think it was kind of play dough :-)
Yea this one...seems to fit in the convo...
???? or haven't I had enough coffee yet?


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