I need an Adler Barbour R12 evaporator box 6"x10"x11" to replace mine. I punctured it! The compressor (Danfoss Cold Machine) was working fine. It lost all pressure, so I will have to refill and pull a vacume. I have researched epoxy and/or brazing repair as an option, but have been told that doesn't work well. So, I am hoping to locate a used unit to reconnect to my compressor. Any possibilities and/or suggestions from any similar experiences would be appreciated.

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Check the marine consignment shops in your area. You never know. Also try and place a wanted add for the unit. A lot of people check craigslist.
BTW, if worse comes to worse, has new evaporator boxes..
oh, I have done (and am doing) all .... missed some bids on ebay, none on craigslist, shops have entire unit - which I don't need. You'd think I could find one off the salvage boats down here from IKE. The new ones aren't compatible with R12 compressor .... I'd hoped I could repair it, but I continue my search. thanks
I have the same problem and have not fixed it yet.. I tried solder and epoxy and even tried aluminum welding but none have been successful. These boxes are standard units that the Adler Barbour folks put their connections on.. My next step is to take the box and the copper lines and the quick connectors (mine are Aeroquip proprietary) to a local appliance repair shop and have them order a new box and braze it onto the existing lines. They can put a new dryer/filter on while they are doing it.. Then back to boat, hook it up and apply vacuum and recharge. It can be converted to R 134 but that is a big job mostly to get all the old oil out and replace with the compatible oil. . There are some R-12 substitutes (like Freeze 12) that are a lot less expensive than the R-12. Good luck !!
I'm looking at possibly buying a Roll-Bond evporator #019-0100C $137.50 ... supposedly should work with my connectors - isn't pre-charged.
What do you think?
I found a used evaporator but they cut the line close to the box. Think it can be saudered ? Also, a lot of the paint is 'bubbled' ... think is can be sanded and painted - or shouldn't worry with that?
Ohhhhhh .. close to the box is hard to solder onto.. The two tubes are co-axial there (one inside the other for about the first two feet) and soldering old tubes on would be a challenge, I think. I have not dealt with the R-Parts but their stuff looks pretty good at a good price. Again, a local refrigerator repair shop can also order new roll bond evaporators and can solder your connections and lines onto the new evaporator. I would price through them to get an idea about how much this is going to cost; bring them the old one and the lines. Replacing the evaporator is the easy part, getting the unit properly evacuated and recharged may take some doing.. again, Good luck !!

Let me guess. You used something sharp to remove the ice build up on the plate. I did the same as well as friend of mine done, I have a way of patching the plate as I poked a hole in ours over 5 years ago and it is still going. Email me here and I willl tell you what I did to fix it. Randy Aka Mutualfun
Great! I think you have to accept me as a friend in order to send message.
Thanks, I do want to hear.
I did the same thing, and took the oportinitiy to convert my fridge to a spill over Freeze/fridge, it tripled the size of the freezer. It woks great and my wife LOVES IT!
I bought the evaporator (Part # 019-0200C custom "U" bent) and all the parts from about $250.00
I cut the old fittings and re-soder them to the new evaporator, really easy with a propane torch. I divided the ice box into a freezer section: where the evaporator is, and the fridge section that gets it's cold air from the freezer thru a small computer fan. technical help gave me all the instructions.
Last thing I had to do was call a marine air conditioning/refregeration place so they could come to the boat and leak test, vacum and recharge the system $265.00
The Adler Barbour box evaporator runs about $400.00 and doesn't come with the old fittings, so you would have to replace them with the old ones anyway.
I would be interested in knowing how Randy and Jane pathced theirs just in case.
Hurry up the beer is getting warmer
Good luck
Thanks ... I hope to get everything together by this weekend so that someone can put it all back in for me.
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