I'm just looking for some ideas on what it was that brought us all to buying a Cal. You know the designer, the lines, or the construction.
My first, a Cal 25 cheap enough for me to get on the water. It took alot of work to get her up to a safe sailing vessel. After that she was perfect for taking me into a different skill level. Now with my current Cal it was the shear lines that caught my first attraction. Then with the way she was built and taken care of I couldn't say no(after some negotiation on the price).

I would really like to hear your story and see some photos.

Bradley D.

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My wife and I spent 11/2 years looking for our next boat before we found KILLICK our 1970 Cal34. We had originally agreed that the boat must satisfy both of us. Right away we had a problem...I wanted a true sailboat while my wife only cared about the interior and the overall "feel" of the boat. (whatever that means). About a year into the search we found a custom yawl in Maine. As we were rowing away I said that I loved it. My wife said "I hate it"...oh well
Now after owning KILLICK for 23 years we are glad we were persistant.
She's: safe/bullet proof, sails great, friendly to look at, and my wife is happy.
Just joined the forum this morning. Am looking to buy a CAL and have the opportunity to buy a late 60s model. Should I invest in a vintage sailboat from the late 60s as a starter boat? Am worried about just about everything:fiberglass, bottom, motor, lines, mast, electrical equipment upgrades. If I can get it for 5K is it worth it to bring it to a satisfactory state for crusing? It looks in decent enough shape but need to get it inspected. What do you CAL owners think? Tom
which CAL? great boats, sail well, sturdy, overbbuilt in the 60's compared to today's boats. Yes, you will have "issues", but they tend to be less with the boat than what owners have done/not done through the years. You may wish to get a survey to help you know what you are getting into. Where is the boat? There may be other CAL owners near you who would b e good resources. And you could pay a lot more for a newer boat, have les of a boat and as mahy or more problems. We learned a ton fixing up out 1974 CAL 27 T/2, still love it and are enjoying our new-to-us CAL Cruising 36.
The V berth was long enough for me to sleep in. Little did we know what a great boat our T/2 would be. Next boat had to have full standing headroom. The CAL Cruising 36 fit the bill.
Tough, great sailijng boats.
Howzit Reggie,
Just joined the Cal group. Spent last summer rebuilding and hauling a T/2 and couldn't be more pleased! It's a great coastal cruiser and performs well in both light and heavy winds. We've had a very windy winter in Hawaii and we've still managed to get in many sails. Lapworth/Jensen are well built, sturdy designs. I too would like more headroom(I'm 6'2")and we may move to a Cal31, but not for a few years.Here's some pics after the haul. we've since worked on the interior and have some other small projects left for this summer.
Good sailing,
I agree, they sail well, oft times surprising the competition! And they certainly have a "unique" look.
Aloha ka'kou Reggie,
Great picture of the spinnaker set! Thanks for sharing. Ours came with a spinnaker, but we haven't set it up yet. Summer's coming and the sailing is going to be great!
Have fun,
Previously, my wife and I had a Columbia 24 "iBoat" which I raced for two years with the Stockton Sailing Club, on the California Delta, but it was too small, no standing headroom, but we finally had a sailboat of our own to enjoy. We currently have a 1979 Cal 2-27, "Jackson" which we love and have spent may a night aboard in the Delta waterways for two years. I have sailed in San Francisco Bay, and coastal waters to Monterey, Santa Cruz, & Half Moon Bay several times both as crew and in the Cal. Standing headroom, the enclosed head, were the big plus's for my wife. It is the minimum size for us in for a overnight getaway from the house and cruising the Delta. Wishing for a Cal 31.
Hey Ron,
Nice boat. Sounds like nice cruising grounds in NorCal. Hawaii's anchorages are all 30-40 miles apart, so it's an all day sail coming and going. Getting back to Hale'iwa is a chore, except from Kane'ohe . We mostly daysail up the coast and back. It's perfect grounds for the Cal27, inside 5 miles is smooth sailing most of the time. We hope to go to a Cal31 as our next project. After doing an extensive haul this summer, we want to get the rewards for our hard labor. So far ,so good. Summer is just ahead and it should be fun. Good luck in your pursuit of A 31'. Keep us posted.
Good Sailing.
i have been reading and checking out your pics!
Haleiwa looks like a dream.
i am looking for a 27 or even a 25 if in really good shape, so if you know of anything pls. give me a shout !!
smooth sailing to you !
Howzit JB,
Just caught this post. Are you on O'ahu? There are a couple Cal25's on craigslist right now . Check it out. Seems to be a decent boat that needs a haul. Yes, Hale'iwa is the place for me. Especially summer,as the trades remain steady for 4 months or so. good sailing all summer. Let me know what turns up. Good luck.
Aloha ka'kou,


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