The mystery that is the epic tale of Gary Kerr sailing from Nova Scotia to Bermuda revealed.

Update 12/18/10


I just talked to Gary Kerr on Seaknots chat, and he's ok after a rough ride to Bermuda..


He's a bit physically shaken but is restoring to good health..


The gooseneck on the boom blew out from severe winds.. That's why he was heading in the wrong direction for a couple of days until he could put it back together and set course back to Bermuda.  Oh, he was pinging his spot locator so much during that time for his short wave buddies to follow in case he had to abandon ship..


After repairs are made, he will head out again sometime next week..


that's about all he could tell me as his computer battery was getting low.





Some of us had been following his Spot Locator as he made one attempt and returned to Nova Scotia due to the WX.

He did set sail again after a couple of weeks and it looked like WX was again a factor.. But this time he sailed on.

As he was nearing Bermuda, he suddenly changed course away from the islands that make up Bermuda, and was pinging his position hourly.

Two or three days later he was in St. George's harbor, and the pinging stopped.


I sent an email to the local paper asking if any information on him was available. I got no response.


So, I fired off a note to the local Bermuda Police station.,

"Good afternoon, I have a friend, Gary Kerr, that sailed from Nova Scotia about a month ago and was enroute to Bermuda when weather from the West caused him to sail in an opposite direction when nearing Bermuda. Others and I, have been watching his progress on a satellite locator beacon. It indicated that there was a course correction and he made it after only a couple days journey to berth at the Terminal Island in St. George's a week ago."

Since then, no word. And, no more updates from from his locator.

Is there something amiss that you might know of ?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated."


I got this reply early this morning,

"Good Day,

Please review the correspondence below from John Perkins regarding his friend, Gary Kerr.
I request a member of Marine Section make enquiries to assist with the identifying movements and/ or location of Mr Kerr.

Kuhn Evans Jr.
Acting Police Inspector 727 "


I responded,

"Thank you,



Inspector Evans informed me a short while ago,


Mr Perkins,

I have just been informed by PC Lindo of the Marine Patrol Unit, that Mr. Kerr is still anchored off Ordinance Island. In addition, his vessel is not seaworthy at present, nor has he informed local authority’s of his departure date."


I asked,





"I appreciate your rapid response in this matter.. Thank you..

Is he injured that you know of ?

Any idea as to the extent of damage to his vessel ?"


Final response from the Inspector,

"I wasn't provided that information. However, I have been told that he is contactable via Harbour or Bermuda Radio."


Well Gary, as in the movie E.T., "Phone Home"!

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Comment by Marlene A. Sassaman on January 18, 2011 at 11:30pm
more details needed - boat type == wx conditions-- chosen decisions to continue on-- cause of boat damage...
Comment by sailorgirlca on December 14, 2010 at 7:20pm

Great John...thx for your efforts and then keeping us informed....dianne

Comment by Liv on December 13, 2010 at 1:56pm

Thanks , John , for providing this information to those of us who've monitored Gary's sail to Bermuda.

I had been worried when he seemed to be lying a-hull or was hove to to the east of the island in a gale, the same one who took the life of another sailor in the same area that night.

It was the fact that he repeatedly kept pinging in his position that night that had me alerted. I can now assume that his boat got damaged in the gale that night. But, I know he reached Bermuda and is safe.

I hope that we hear from Gary soon at least to let us know that he's ok.



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