The expanse of crystal clear water goes on and on. Beyond where the eye can see, beautiful shades of aquamarine intersperse the varied blues of sky and sea. Whereas today's horizon has a slight purplish rings with the upper sky as blue as blue can be. White puffy clouds saunter along, barely moving. Although there is a grouping to the south of my window view that could be billowing. Because I left the hatches open on SPRAY, I may consider leaving this peaceful day of inter netting and get back to the harbor.

Of all the internet access sites in the Georgetown area, the Peace and Plenty Restaurant is second to none. For $10 a breakfast of two eggs, fresh wheat bread toast, coffee and juice is a treat. Actually, the treat is that you can sit by a scenic window and use uninterrupted internet while charging your tech stuff all day long. How can you not order breakfast for this usage. St. Francis across the harbor charges $2 per 85 minutes of 1 MB of service. That will nickel and dime you to more than $20 in no time. Plus, it is interruptive as it simply shuts down when it wants. The free service wi-fi cafes are pleasant but don't have the view of this pleasurable resort ad the service is slow and interruptive at best.

Learning about snail mail is an applied lesson in foreign business. General Delivery at the post office provides congenial clerks. When you inquire they politely tell you your letters and packages should arrive from the states within one week.

Then, when you inquire about their arrival, they sympathetically sign. "Oh, no, no, All da mail it must a go to the Nassau for customs. Dey will den see dat it is o.k. and levy a fee, if needed. Sometime it takes 3 or 4 weeks. Be patient it is o.k."

While whining to a fellow sailor about my experience I was advised to walk about a minute toward the Exuma market. Across the street go another minute to the orange building. In there ask about Reggie's Air Service. Because I already have Garmin charts being shipped General Delivery, I thought I would give Reggie's a try. The general delivery package was mailed a week ago from Florida to General Delivery. No, it is not here yet.)

I walked over to Reggie's to get details. The clerk insists that mail sent from the states to a Ft. Lauderdale address will get the item over to Georgetown on the very next Wednesday after they receive it. So, I took a chance. As long as I am sequestered to this undeniable paradise, I'll see how Reggie's service compares to General Delivery.

Next stop I will ask more questions about mail service options. 

Tonight is a patio party barb-b-que with live music here at the peace and plenty. By 4 pm I will dink back to SPRAY/3, clean up, put on a little sundress and dink a do back. Also, to improve my writing I finally ordered a dictionary and thesaurus for my IPAD Kindle. 

Tomorrow will be boat work. I need to saw some a piece of wood to mount the new fuel filter. The question is which type of saw, a regular looking hand saw or a hack saw. I think the regular looking one, with a wood handle and sort of pointy ended saw will work better for the 1/2" block of wood to sand. The hack saw, though has changeable blades. 

In town they are $32 and $24 respectively. I could walk the 3 miles to the big hardware store and see if the prices are less. Maybe I will......Heck, it will be another week before I leave......

Oh yea, what else. My Bahamiam phone service has a weird password system for hooking up the hot spot of my MacBook Air and iPad. So, after devouring a huge tuna melt sandwich with cole slaw and french fries, guess I'll walk over to the phone company and get help.

This has got to be a boring read, so I promise with the new dictionary and thesaurus I will move toward more exciting ways for you to live vicariously through me, as I dream of a more traditional life, with that special someone. 

Downloading pictures can take all day, , , , , , so no pix today. 

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