Not one person responded to my question about wood/epoxy boats. So, on my own, with some research and a conference with my boat mentor, along with that good old woman's intuition the decision has been made. Tomorrow, I will make a reasonable offer on the trimaran of my dream.Okay, so she needs some prettying up, but I believe she is a secure well made beast that isn't simply good enough, rather she is going to complement SPRAY. A cross between my Corsair, SPRAY, and Slocum's cruiser, this SPRAY will take me places I've dreamt about.


It is a scary proposition, but I believe I can afford it. I'm 63 years old, I have to buy this boat now. It is capable of crossing oceans as good as any; it has an incredible history. It's about a legendary designer and his best sailing mate. During this past month I've come to know both of this lads and am incredibly excited. For the moment I wish it wasn't 1:55 am so I can call the current owner, then call his bud and finally announce it to the world. Hm, I better start with plane fares.


I have a pilot friend who mentioned cheap flight to Belize. Wonder how I get from Belize to Rio Duclce, Well, I beter quit blogging and get on the internet to find out the best route. Of course, I'll e-mail my Guatamalan friend Karen to let her know right away. I know the girls want to meet me in Key West for the last hoorah home. This is the most exciting adventure. Thanks to Danny for taking me out through the surf, across the gulf stream, and on endless moon light sails.

Sure, he'd frown on my dreams to solo sail, but to sail back from Rio Dulce with him, he'd like that. I miss him and will proudly display his Fury pictures on the wall in a prominent spot in her beautiful home. I do miss him. So, while I regret no one commented about the wood/epoxy strengths and weaknesses, I am proud to announce my intent to purchase this well made, legendary trimaran. :-)  







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Comment by h on June 27, 2011 at 10:04pm



There are many ways to build wood and epoxy.


In Australia, the common method is for a tripple plank Red Cedar, which is done in 90 degree change in grain run, IE the first is 45 degree to the right of vertical, then the second run is 45 degree to the left of vertical and then to the right again. Each layer is very thin. The resulting boat always weigh very light, and it is very strong way of contruction.

The fibre glass is usually only the outer layer, to make it water proof. Inside is bare wood. Sometimes farnished just to make it look good.

Light and strong is always good for a sail boat.

Most likely that Good Enough is made this way, since it is light weight for her size. It is worth asking.




Inglis 37 and Inglis 47 are examples, which you can search the web, and see the photos, from the inside.

Comment by Terri on June 26, 2011 at 7:22pm
Good luck, fair winds and calm seas!
Comment by Russell on June 22, 2011 at 11:11pm
If it's well built, I'm sure you'll be happy.  Good luck on your voyage if you're not home already.
Comment by Mark and Karen on June 22, 2011 at 5:38pm

Hi, wouldn't have been able to add any comment to your previous post.

Sounds like you have found your boat and one heck of a sail home.

Comment by ___/)ances With Sails on June 22, 2011 at 1:20am

yeah buddy. 63 aye? ye better hop to it. hell im only 45, "a baby" they say, but my strenuous years are catchin up with me, so i feel.  livin hard takes its toll, but sittin on our haunches is a killer of spirit and raises great disappointments.  while life seems to tick away in dog years at some point, there is never time to layin on th porch swollen from good eatin or waitin for someone to take us for a walk.  i never blamed my dog for runnin off for days when given th chance.  he musta done some good while he was gone, cause karma was on his side as i took em sailin every time i went.  i miss that ole fart.  anyway, this heat tends to rob us of our piss and vinegar too but stayn acclimated gives us th edge we need to carry thru th next day.  like takin appropriate precautions in th elements, we choose our battles in life and sooner than later we win th war.  God helps those who helps themselves, just as we helps others who help themselves.  one of th suggestions about buyin a boat that i heard loudest was 'dont get one that needs a lot of'll lose interest to sail.'  while i know there are many who prefer to restore a boat prior to sailing away, i dont mean to start up a debate.  it wasnt in th cards for me to go that route.  i was lucky to find mind when i did.  after 3 years of considerin configurations, i was quite anxiuos if th RIGHT boat would present itself to me at th RIGHT time and in th RIGHT location.  our sailin member Jay Bailey introduced me to my boat and i bought her on th spot.  at 63 ye better hop to it, cause yer gonna wanna take on several more crazy feats once ye cross th next line.  better hurry cause here i come




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