Comfortably Numb will be headed from CT to Fl over the next few months. CN is a well fitted Stevens 47 and there are still berths available, so contact me.

The first leg, CT-Annapolis, is taking palce over Labor Day weekend. It's fully subscribed, but lots more to go after that.

Annapolis - Norfolk Sept 18-21

After 11/1 passes the trip resumes

After Nov 1
Norfolk - Wilmington, NC via Intracoastal - 275 NM. Involves stripping masthead to clear bridges. I have spoken with yacht yard guy in Wilmington that has successfully brought several Stevens 47's down from Norfolk. Expect to touch bottom at least once. This can also include family members as it is in protected waters with overnight stops. Eleven hours of daylight mean it might run over 3 days

Wilmington - St. Augustine, FL - 300 NM outside, Charleston, Savannah,/Hilton Head, Brunswick/St. Simons, Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island are alternate ports on the way. Very likely we'll stop in Charleston to visit friends.

St Augustine - Miami - 270NM. outside - Port Canaveral, Lake Worth, Ft. Lauderdale are alternate ports along the way. We are strongly considering Palm Beach (Lake Worth) as the destination.

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