This is a topic that I find most neglected by us sailors.

We sail boats, so we buy sails. But most of the time the sail will be specified by the sailmaker, and we just get what they give us.

With this thread I wish to seek your contribution based on your cruising experience in building a full sail specification. What I mean is how can we list the specifications for the sailmaker to quote, so that we get a good cruising sail that will last.

For example, let me start with material. After searching materials from a few material manufacturers, I have decided that Hood is onto a good thing. A Woven Kevlar material. But they do not supply that material to others, and a Hood sail cost much more than others. Luckily Dimension Polyant have come up with something similar. The material is called Hydra-Net, it is a woven polyester with Dyneema in it. In my view this is a good compromise in order to hold its shape longer.

2- Cut:
The choices are two, Cross cut or Radial cut. Most sailmakers nowadays prefer Cross Cut, because it will be less labour involved. They would charge more for a Radial Cut, but profit to value of sales will reduce in percentage terms. IE not as good for business.

What should cruisers want? Simplicity of Cross Cut, less stitches to go wrong? Or better shape longetivity of Radial Cut?

3- Stitch:
Double Stitch or triple Stitch? Most cruisers book recommend triple stitched.

ETC. A simple draft of choices is attached on an Excel spreadsheet.

Can you please add your cruising experience in building my sail specifications.

Thank you


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