This post was copied from a note sent by BLUBAJU to me.

Most interesting if you do not know what is available out there.

Hi h,
sorry for that late reply, I forgot I am a meber here and only today someone else left a note and I received an email, upon looking what that should be I realized the long forgotten seaknots forum ;-)

Do not know where you are now, but I'll answer your Q.

Sailing is nice, facilities depend what you need, living from local market is cheap and plenty, in Subic much imported stuff, some marine supply at high prices from an Australian guy imported from BLA Australia; but there are nice & legal ways to import if you come to know some locals, you are invited to ask me when you need something (no, I am not selling anything, just do not want to elaborate here) ;-)

Inconvenient is the couriosity of the guys here, they want to inspect every boat with hands and ask for beer and cigarettes, much better in Malaysia.

I use Navionics SE Asia & China Sea charts on my radar/plotter and PC, I have a CMAP NT+ Philippines cartridge, but like the Navionics much more; many use CM93/2 with openCPN (oCPN is Freeware, CM93 charts is a cracked download from Internet, CM93/2 is worldwide chart set of 2009),
ENC from China sea, free download, I guess you know that already.

Local paper charts are reasonable priced, do not buy abroad.

I am North of Subic Bay, my wife is from here.

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Additional resources:

Useful Torrent for downloading software and charts. You will need a Torrent software like utorrent to download from this links. go to to download uTorrent.



Using the torrent is much faster than downloading from other website in 100 MB chunks.

But, like anything that is free. the maps are not that good. Not enough detail to navigate close up.

Unless I have not used the detailed enough maps.

If someone knows better, please comment.


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