I learn a lot from books and am always looking for new titles. Here are a couple I'd like to share

How Boat Things Work by Charlie Wing and

Sailboat Maintenance by Eric Jorgensen which is an old book but since most of us work with old boats it's perfect.

Both books have expanded pictures of numerous systems so one can see all the "parts" and how they work and are maintained.

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Have you got any of Nigel Calder books? He is very comprehensive in his topic coverage. Good bible for sailboat maintenance.

What title do you like best h ?
Well it depends on what sort of info. you're looking for. Both of the books I mention above have wonderful illustrations and diagrams but I forgot to also list Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual. It is really big and heavy it fills in the blanks. It's difficult to find "just the right book" that covers everything. I think I'd like to have the Jorgensen book aboard because it is so clear about how a lot of systems are taken apart and put back together - basic repair and maintenance.

By the way...nice paintings!

His Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual is the first book to get. You will never finish reading it in a long time. But as you are looking at bits of your boat, you can read just that section of the book.

He does have other books like how to read a chart, diesel engine maintenance, refrigeration etc. But the later two is more or less covered in the big Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual.

He is also a fan of the Malo yachts. I selected my small sailboat based on his much bigger Malo yacht selection. The way I figure it out is this: if someone with that much knowledge selected a Malo, I just copy his knowhow and get the same.


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