There are lots of different ways you can find positions to crew on yachts all over the world. I have used lots of different websites including and
Feel free to post your favorite website, publication, or any other source where you find crewing positions.

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For crew positions in France (and in Europe):
(in french...)
I found a few at "" and also had good luck with I'll try the 7knots site too, Thanks.
Is anyone actively looking lately? What resources are most productive for you? I'm only interested in paid transportation and board; per diem is nice but not required for attractive locations. Winter North Atlantic requires per diem. *grin*
when i was seeking sailing adventures, i was speaking online with different folks--met a few folks i wanted to sail with, listened to and in one case, believed their promises and went sailing--first time was to and in caribean -- was promised a "true vacation", with "no need for money"--yet i ended up spending my money on foods for pantry and other boat related items..then ditched in islands to find my own way home. was an experience to not have missed, actually. the second time i ran away from home i went out in gulf with someone i had met online , then met in person --he installed my 4-108!!!! then spent a near year in gulf of mexico--was a really good sailcruising trip.


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