I managed to change the wire in the mast, but now i have a hard time replacing the wire from the connector on the cabin top to the wiring harness inside. Any suggestions where i can find help on this?
Thanks everyone ....

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i have someone i think will know what to do for you on that He lived on a 30' for years and does all my work on my boat now He has rewire alof of my boat and some in the mast I'll ask him and see what i can find out for you on this hope to chat with you later Bill casey
On my Catalina 25, I replaced the wireing harrness for the mast, when I got the connector on the cabin top mine was in pretty ruff shape, so I took it of, made a little plastic plate and epoxyed it inplace to seal the old whole up. I then bought a new connector from Catalina Direct and drilled a new whole sealed it up with life calk and ran new wire along inside of forward bulkhead to port side and back to panel. when I drilled the hole, I mesured so as to get it as close the bulk head as I dared so I didnt have it coming out in middle of cabin top. The wire on my C25 was molded into the cabin top, so thats why I ran it inside it was a nice clean install. there are wires that run fore and aft along the port and starboard side, I ran speaker wires to my v-berth. using the existing wiring harness, used zip ties to tie up out of the way.
I thought wireing my 25 was fun, we just ran wires yesterday on my Catalina 42 for solar panels, yikes expensive wire and getting it where it needed to go fun, was pulling cabnet out, and all kinds of it done, so should have solar power next week. Cheers and good luck, if I can help just leave a message.
Barry - thanks for your info! yes, it seems the wire from the cabin top connector to the wiring harness on the port side are 'hidden' where the bulkhead is mounted. i had hoped to just pull the new wires through ... I'll probably follow your lead and drill a hole through the ceiling liner, then run the wires along the bulkhead to the port side.
Thanks for your feedback!


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