I have a 79 Cal 31.  The traveler is on the bridge deck (where you step when exiting the companionway).

Does anyone have a Cal 31 with the traveler there AND a dodger?  If so, can you send me the contact information of whoever built it and/or the measurements.   Thanks

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I guess you and I are the only two with Cal 31s!

Mine is hull #8 from 1979. I've looked around the web and found only a couple other Cal 31s and those are later year/models.

Do you know how many of the 31s were built? What other engine options were offered? I've got the Volvo MD7A.

Sorry I don't have the information on dodgers you're looking for. I'm considering one myself but it's down the list a bit.



Mine is an earlier hull number also.  There were quite a few built, some into the 80s.  If you haven't looked there, search

I repowered mine about 7 years ago.  The MD7A needed to be rebuilt and I decided that it would be better to repower.  The MD7A is too small and parts are impossible to find.  I had a 21 horse Beta put in.

JSI has built a dodger for this boat and I am going to have them build one over the winter.

I've owned this boat since 1988? The only serious problem I've had was 22 years ago.  The rudder stock had developed play in it (shake the rudder when it's "on the hard").  This caused the (undersized) bolts attaching the stock to the under side of the cockpit sole to shear one day in 3 footers.  This caused the tube through the hull to start to crack.  Luckily, we were close to shore.

The boat also has thousand of tiny gelcoat blisters on the bottom.  I had the laminate tested and it's dry however.

What prop do you use?  I find that the boat has annoying prop walk.

Have you replaced the windows?  I'd like too but they don't leak.

I replaced the rub rail maybe 10 years ago with a Hunter rub rail.  They use a similar hull/deck joint.  We installed it "up-side down" but it looks great and is strong.

I find the boat to be tender.  I think it's the tree trunk of a mast that caused it.  I'm going to have a carbon fiber mast installed (ha, ha).






That sure sounds like mine. I have a lot of blisters too. Did the Beta 21 go in easily? I have the same engine and want to do the same thing. If I may ask, what did the repower cost? is the 21 the right size? I figured I'd start saving now and get it done maybe later in the year.

And yes; the prop walk is significant. I have a folding prop. I figure I'll trade it out for a 3-blade when I repower.

I have enough caulk on the windows to keep the water out. I'll replace those too. Maybe stainless steel. I need to replace the plastic in the hatches too. Need to decide between clear or smoked. The frames seem to be okay. 

Love the boat.


The Beta 21 went in easily.  The only unexpected result is, because the Beta weighs alot less than the Volvo, the boat now seems to be a little down at the bow.  I can't remember how much the repower cost. 

I just bought a Campbell Sailer 3 blade. I have a Michigan Wheel 2 blade now.  I enclosed and sound proofed the engine last summer but still have a loud vibration at about 2800 rpm.  Unfortunitly this is cruising speed.  I'm hoping the 3 blade will reduce this and give a bit more thrust.

Where do you sail?  I'm on Lake Erie.  What size headsail do you use?  I use a 140 since I don't race anymore.

My windows have never leaked.  They are just crazed.  I've replace the foredeck hatch as I couldn't get the old one to not leak despite rebedding twice.  I came to the conclusion that the frame was warped. I'd go with smoked if you sleep in the V berth at dock.

I looked at another "new to me" boat a couple months ago but I would have had to take a mortgage out on my house to buy it.  I decided to stay with the Cal.  I'm 62.  They can bury me with it.  Just dig a trench and put us in..... or maybe a Viking funeral. 




I just arranged to have a bimini installed on my CAL 31, yeah the $800.00, was a little steep, but beats the 'red back' received without one!

My 1983 CAL 31 has the main sheet traveller on the bridge deck as well. When the guy comes for the installation, I made the deal yesterday, and hes so anxious to start!

I will inquire as to measurements for a dodger, but already in just topical discussions, he stated it would be about $1,400.00, for the dodger, of course that puts me out of the running this year.

If anyone else answers I will be very interested in how much area will be exposed to the elements, considering the traveller is in the cockpit, rather than the newer models where they moved it to the main deck forward of the cockpit. Pictures would be really nice!

Also, does anyone know the size gasket for the bomar hatch over the main salon, and the forward cabin?

and you guys are lucky the side ports dont leak, mine do, and calking isnt the solution, replacement seems a better way to go, or just rebuild the sideports adding new gaskets, and saying a prayer to the sea what I have in mind.


Pete, this is Pete,

As I mentioned, I've ordered a dodger from JSI, at about the same price.  Once it's installed this spring, I'll send pictures.  I'm also curious as to how much protection it will offer to the cockpit.  Not much, I think.  I'd like to see pictures of your bimini too.  If it works out well I'll order one from your guy also.  He can build it and I'll have it installed here (Ohio).

I will be happy to take pictures and ask if he will build one to ship, and how much, it was actually 820$, for the bimini. I would love a dodger for when the wind picks up, but same as you, with the sheet in the cockpit, there is no way to enclose the entire area!

Hes already started ordering the stuff, and says possibly a week for completion, I'll let you know.

I have no blisters on my boat, in my best John Lennon voice, I got blisters on my fingers!


I have a 1979.  Yours is almost new!

The lab that checked the core I sent told me that there were 3 layers of gelcoat.  The middle one had been mixed wrong.  Really, there are thousands of tiny little blisters under the bottom paint but the outside layers must be mostly keeping the water out.



My dodger is installed and I will try to upload some pictures.  I just took the boat from Lake Erie to the top of Lake Huron.  The dodger made the trip much  more comfortable.  The boat will stay in Cheboygan all summmer.  We will drive up for long weekends to cruise the North Channel.

I'd like to get that bimini.  Please upload some pictures and give me the contact info of the guy that built it.

The Campbell Sailor prop did great on our trip.  It pushed the boat up against the current of the Detroit and St Clair rivers.  In reverse, the boat accelerates quickly so that the rudder overcomes the prop walk.


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