Hey, was wondering if any cal owners had any experience w the new ray marine wheel pilots.  I had bought a simrad wp30 years ago and the experience was bad. I have a cal 2/29.  Trying to avoid making a bad purchase again.   Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I have a 1979 CAL 31 with a Raymarine  X5 autopilot installed and I love it.  It works under power and sail, with the sails reasonably balanced will take over and steer her wonderfully.

It is a breeze to engage and disengage on our wheel steering.  I also have the remote control which I can use to make steering changes by one degree or ten degree increments while underway.  I got that to be able, without a dodger in tough weather, to open a hatch and take a visual look to affirm I am on the desired course on my plotter and make any corrections desired.

I was soldon the idea if shorthanded  that I could also move forward following  the anchor rode idling in gear by standing and steering using the remote while  on the bow.  I have not opted to do that, as my wife is typically along.

Thanks for the input.  Greatly appreciated :)


Just installed the x5 and did initial trials under power to calibrate and make sure everything worked.  So far so good.  I have the P70 display which is nice.  Not sure I like my mounting of the display yet, but it's good enough to get me going for now.

I look forward to doing more single handing this winter.  Need to get a good setup for a harness.  my feeling is the only really safe way to single hand is to make it impossible to fall over. :)



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