I've recently purchased an outboard motor for my dinghy.  I mounted the 8 horsepower Honda four-stroke engine on the port-hand side of the stern railing where Beneteau has pre-installed the white plastic motor mount at the factory.

I noticed after I installed the Honda on the motor mount that the entire stern railing is weak and should I get into trouble in rough seas, the top heavy arrangement will most likely bend or break where the center stantion meets the deck at the companionway.  

The Honda motor is heavier than a conventional 2 stroke, but its only 8 hp and it weighs in at 95 lbs most of it above the stern railing when mounted on the existing motor mount.

Has anyone had this problem with their B43 or has anyone come up with a different outboard engine mounting mechanism?    The swim grid has room for the engine.  Has anyone tried to install the engine on the transom and swim grid lowering the center of gravity?

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I added a support. Picture on the discussion titled Stern Rail Flex.



I found a suitable outboard engine mount for the transom on my B43.  The engine is far more comfortable, easier to move and install on my dinghy.  Most importantly there is no stress on the upper stern rail.  

It required me to add support behind the transom fiberglass in order to bolster the area that would take the weight of the engine.   The installation was fairly easy once I navigated the underbelly of the cockpit and secured the two large pieces of 3/4 plywood with construction adhesive to area.   The engine mount is very robust and folds against the transom when the engine is off the bracket.

The bracket can be obtained from Defender and it is made by Weaver Industries approximate cost is $320.00 and comes with ss fasteners.

I have included some photos. 


I like that solution very much - the railings are not strong enough to mount any size outboard in my opinion.


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