Hi folks,


Glad to join the group! My boat is a B40 which I bought from the original owner in Ontario, so far, I'm pretty about her.


I wonder if someone could help me on how to use the stove. I filled-up the propane tank in the cockpit, turned the valve on top of the tank so I can see the pressure on the gauge just before the selenoid. Then I try to start the burners, nothing happens. Same with the oven. It's like the propane is not getting there...


I have a "Gas" sticker on the DC panel, but no switch at all...


Is there a valve inside the boat or anything else that I should do/know?


Thanks all in advance.

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I have a B43 and the solonoid switch is the "spare" switch on the breaker panel.   It is not labeled as a gas switch and this is probably the best place for you to start looking for a fix.   

Have you checked the valve under the sink ? A yellow valve to the left
On my B40, the "spare" switch on the electrical panel is wired to the solenoid in the propane locker. That could be your missing step.

On my US B40, the steps are:


1) Open the valve on the propane cylinder

2) Turn on the electrical switch marked "spare" - which activates the shut-off solenoid that US laws require

3) Turn the knob on the large burner to the start position and then push it in and hold it there - listening for the "hiss" of propane flowing

4) Press the pizo starter knob every few seconds while waiting for the air to purge from the lines - it takes 30-45 seconds before there is enough gas to get a flame


I'm sure that you are doing most of the above - maybe all of it - but perhaps there is something missing from your procedure. If not, you've got a problem.

Thank you all, I went on the boat yesterday and tried with the Spare switch turned on and it worked.


I think I wasn't waiting long enough for the propane to make its way in...(about 30 seconds).


So all comments were helpful! Happy sailing.



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