Success! I finally solved my constantly back-flowing issue with the !#@$%!!!! Quiet Flush electric toilet. I changed out numerous joker valves, added one way check valves and tried many many things. Finally I ripped the Jabsco out and replaced the lower unit with the Raritan Sea Era electric toilet. Simple. Should have done long ago. I was able to re-use the bowl, original switches, and hoses. The Raritan uses a better designed joker valve that is 1.5 inch versus the 1 inch Jabsco. Much better. Now, I am not faced with a "surprise" every time we open up the boat and smell that lovely smell.



B43, hull #9 

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I have not had the problems you have experienced with regards to backing flowing of the toilet bowl.  I do find that the head is slow to remove waste compared to when it was new so last week I took the electric motor and small macerator attached to the motor and bowl apart to see what may be blocking the unit.  I had to remove a large spool of thin plastic threads wrapped around the macerator blade.  Presumably from the small anticeptic towel wipes that some people use.  These do not disintegrate like regular toilet paper and people that use them and throw them down the head because they think they are 100 percent paper.  In fact they are a plastic by-product made to look like paper.    

The removal was fairly easy.  It would have been much easier if I did not have to remove the three bolts that hold the toilet bowl to the cabin sole.   You have to do this in order to turn the bowl slightly in order to get your flathead screwdriver into the last corner fastener holding the electric motor to the toilet bowl. There is not enough room to get a driver into that one fastener without turning the head a few degrees.   I did not have to remove the hoses or electric connections.  Fairly easy and the job is made much easier if you run some water and bleach through the bowl a few times before you start to take it apart.

I had the same problem.

I solved it by cleaning all parts of the toilet ( some screws are very difficult to reach ! ) an addet a longer tube that the orginal by forming some siphones and at the beginning and the end of the tube I addet an anti-flowback (7 euro each )    Now my WV is dry inside 


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