I am new and trying to lear how to take care of my boat. Benetau 423. The teak is in very bad shape and I would like some information.
How bring the color back?

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I've used a product called Teak Guard for several years now and am very happy with it. They have a kit which includes both the teak cleaner and the teak guard. It's water based, very easy to apply and cleans off gel coat with just a damp cloth. Here on the Chesapeake Bay it will last all season. It retains a golden color and will not turn black like teak oils do. Since it's not a varnish or Cetol type product the teak is never slippery. Just scrub it with the cleaner when it's time to reapply, rinse with water and allow to dry. Then put on a couple of fresh coats with a foam brush. Another nice feature is that it will fade and scrub away, so if you don't care for it there's no need to strip the teak. Here's their web site:
On my Benetau 423 I want to get a Davit for a Caribe 9.5 with 9.9 hp yamaha
we look at different brands and prices.
any suggestions?
we've used teakguard too and am very happy with it.
I am also JR and own a 423. Here is my advice:
Teak Rails
Use a sharp one inchscraper and carefully scrap the rails.
Use 150 sandpaper around the cleats
Sand the entire rail with 220 sandpaper
use masking tape on the inside and outside of the rail and around the cleats
Wipe the teak with acetone
Apply 3 coats of Cetol Marine light over 2 dry days

Open all the hatches and seal with plastic to prevent sawdust from entering the hatches
Use a belt sander on the teak with 220 grit
wash the teak with acetone
Apply Semco teak sealer

You will be impressed with the results
i use sea water and a 3m pad and scrub .. works well. let it dry and apply teak or tung oil. allow that to absorb. should make a difference. that is how i do my 110 ft of teak cap rail every year.

Teaqua is a fabulous product.  Much easier to use than most & keeps teak looking great, even in the hottest & sunniest weather.



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