as i said......i will let pix come over when i finally get them uploaded into m y pix site---later today i think....we had a bunch of lightning storms...being only lightning rod in a lightning storm is a beeeyotch ya to death -- dang near literally...the winds inside a thunderboomer are very much higher than the ambient and predicted winds----up to 50+ kts!!!! adventure is fun, isnt it???!!!!!...gotta live thru it first finish of the initial adventure of meeting our friends we have made on line will have to take a back burner for a minute as we repair the things found during these adventures to require addressing for future sailing fun......which will happen with this team......the sailing was awesome and the adventures were on the edge--perfect !!!!!

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Glad you're telling the tale. I look forward to the next leg.
Myregards to Bubba!
BUBBA DID OK IN THE STORMS? Look forward to your posts
bubba did better in storms than he is doing on land--seems the land doesnt move as does the sea so he is has always been on boats--is a boatkat lol....poooor bubba.......he is under a headboard !!!!!
pix of weather---

this just didnt catch the worst of it--we were tooo busy then lol....
Cool pics! is that Bubba with his arse sticking out from under blankets..too funny. Yes the weather looked a bit "sporty".. :-) Be safe, have fun!!

more pix of trip back to


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