I plan to leave Panama City, Florida in Jan/Feb 2010 on an extended cruise down the western coast of Florida to the Keys and Bahamas. Return is early/middle of May. My wife usually accompanies me, but this year she has a mobility issue that precludes her going. I would like a crew person to share sailing/diving/sightseeing/relaxing etc. I have no fixed agenda or time table. I will pay expenses for the boat, but expect crew person to pay own personal expenses and share in food costs. Nonsmoker.
Boat is a 42' Cascade Custom Cutter with full electronics, autopilot, heat/AC in cabins.

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My name is Tim and I am currently on active duty in the Coast Guard in Texas. I have quite a bit of vacation saved up 60+ days, and have been looking for a crewing opportunity on a vessel headed to or from the islands. I feel it would be a great opportunity for me to build sea time and assist where ever necessary. My homepage has somewhat of a sailing resume. I'd like to keep in touch as your departure date approaches.
Hi Tim,
I am interested in more discussion about you sailing with me this winter. Departure/return time and agenda are fluid, with nothing set in concrete. One thing you should know in the beginning. You do not give your age, but I am an old guy, 73, but not so ravaged by age that I cannot sail my boat singlehanded. I do scuba dive and expect to do some of that and some snorkeling. However, I do not want to fill every moment with activity. I also enjoy just relaxing on the boat anchored or moored in an interesting place.

As far as your sailing experience goes, you probably have more than I do, however most of my sailing has been alone or with only my wife.

My boat is home built from a fiberglass hull produced by Cascade Yachts - 4 1/2 years of my life. It is a cutter rig with 1100+ sq.ft. of sail. I have complete electronics - autopilot, chartplotter, sirius weather overlay, radar overlay, AIS overlay. A 7.5 Kw genset powers heatpumps in both forward and aft cabins. The cockpit has a hard top and is totally enclosed.
If you are interested, reply back and we can talk some more.
Hey Tim, if you're near Freeport,have a 37 Endeavor w no heat that needs to be sailed.thx,Patrick
Hi Tim,
I need to begin serious planning for a departure date on the cruise south. If you are still interested in participating, let me know so we can exchange some more information and make a decision. My thinking is to have no more than two persons join me. The easiest way probably is by direct e-mail. Send me a private message and I will give you my address.
Fred Keith
Fred, Tim Haibach recommended that I get ahold of you. Would love to sail with you. Can leave almost anytime.
I am 63 yr old Retired on limited income but lots of energy. Always willing to share an experience or lend a hand.
Be happy to share food expenses, work load etc. Character references are plentyful and available if you like. I don't smoke, very occasional drinker (Scotch on occasion usually with a cribbage game) And am from Northern Maine originally.
(French Canadian work ethic) I live in Phoenix, AZ am in the phone book and can be reached at avoisine at cox dot net
Look forward to hearing from you
Al Voisine


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