I'm starting my search for a good livaboard boat for myself, Mrs. Henson, and a mangy cat. I've seen a number of Hunter 40's out there for sale and I really like the queen berth in the aft cabin and the aft cockpit with sugar scoop stern.


Can anyone tell me what personal experiences they've had with Hunter 40's (give or take five feet)? How do they perform in a seaway? How close-winded are they? What about sail handling, deck safety and stability issues? Any problems with wet decks, thru-hulls, electrical systems, engines etc? Would a Hunter 40 make a reasonably safe blue-water boat?


Any advice would be most appreciated, thanks in advance!



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Here in Europe you can find the perekt boat for you ....

I am shure ... you ca push her under 100tsnd. E.

I know the boat ... the owner died and the old Lady ( that had decoratetd the boat so lovefully ... that you have put a lot of decoration in the trash ;-) ) is now trying to sell the boat since 2 years .... The problem is that in Italy, boats from US are not wanted. They prefere Beneteau First, Grand soleil and stuff like that.

If you need a contact ( the old Lady is from Austria and the Boat is 2hours away from our Marina ... just keep me informed. I am sure, passing the ocean with this boat is not a problem ...


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"My B40 has 240v supply, however I am sure the circuit breakers are in the same location as your boat. Mine was built in France.  The first MCB is located in the aft starboard locker, almost beneath your feet when standing at the wheel. The…"
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"It sounds like your AC breaker tripped.  Just incase you've overlooked the obvious.  Try to Close and then Open the main panel AC Outlets breaker."
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