Put photos, videos here with Make, Model & Year if you like. ~!~*!*

Ok.. I see I have to clarify...LOL... ~!~!~! Though I like that pic of the male figure, I see no MAKE< Model or year indicated.... let's stick to the thread topic of boat eye candy.

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Take it... this is a classic beauty... oh goddess..... who cares about the head... there's got to be a creative way to remedy that.. and there's always the compost toilet.. or the RV type.... the heck with the guess is they'd be so wowed by everything else.. Believe me, as a guest on this vessel with you as Captain, I'd be delighted...
now, does she sail as well as she dresses up ?
I'm going to see her in person in a couple of days. She is such a classic I'm sure she's a dream under sail. Thanks for the support. Sometimes my obsession with the classics can get the best of me.

Now ~ Hugh's quite a classic!
oh.... designer and sails are all top notch...
you surprise me Lola.... :) ... thanks for the particulars....
erase him.... lol... nah... it's all good Lola..I was just trying to be lighthearted. No problem....
oh I got you killed off in one of the story games.
so u think :-)
ROFL Hans Christian 43' Such dilemma's.... think I still like the Baba.
you think ??? then there's still room there for changing your mind ? how about the Bayfields... they go up to 40 plus... maybe Mac will post some pics here. He says he has LOTS.
I had it bad for a totally refitted Bayfield first. Got sold too quick, was in upper state NY. Was gorgeous, owner's did alot to her, fabulous wood refinishing. Had raspberry red canvas, ext. wood that looked like amber. She was to die for....still think about that got away :-) Here are some for sale. Yes, they are the cutter.


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