water leaking from around saloon starboard light switch at companion way.

new to forum, own 2009 B40, sitting at anchorage Cambridge Cay Bahamas, limited internet, could not find search  of forum so please forgive if this has been discussed.

rain and 20 knot winds at 0200 hrs, going out to cockpit to look around, reached up to starboard hand rail at companionway and cloths left hanging on top of bar are wet.  wife asleep so look with flashlight and it appears water running out of light switch.  replace clothes with towel.  now it the light, pulled switch and no water. water may have run on top of ceiling panels but I'm not sure.  looked on deck.  in area of sliding companion way but plexiglass support rails look ok.  Traveler ends that bolt to deck are out side of slot for halyards and line, more over head.  might be rear of saloon hatch but a long way away.  rain is less and with switch out, i go no feel water up inside cavity. ceiling panels coming off next.

Any one come across this issue or have suggestions?


S/V MiJoy

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Rain came back.  Water is coming out of opening in fiberglass that light switch fits into.

Hi Mike, 

I had a similar problem with my B40 2007. I fixed the the halyards locks on SB side and that was it; no more leakages.

br Simo

Is halyard lock another name for the clutch levers? We have a full windshield and they are dry on top.  I did pull the ceiling panel in the after berth off and the base of the levers is dry.  I can not see forward under the deck towards the area of the switch unfortunately.  Turns our to remove the ceiling panels, it appears you start with the outboard panel and move in.  I am resisting pulling the 4 panels until I can get on deck with out rain and see if there is something out there that is obvious.  thanks for the suggestion as it let me eliminate one possibility.

Was your hatch open? We've had water wrap around the companionway coaming and shoot into the cabin during heavy rains. And FYI the wind had nothing to do with it. We always made sure the doors were closed and latched in heavy rain to avoid the issue.

If the doors were shut then yes it's coming in from elsewhere and you'll pull your hair out trying to find it. I wouldn't pull the ceiling panels down until you're absolutely sure you need to as once down they don't always go back up and stay up without the need for an extra screw or two.

Good luck


all hatches and coaming were closed.  our windshield keeps most of this are dry.  Switch is loose and I can feel water up inside the cavity with my finger.  The original bimini used straps to eyes just in front of the clutch levers, 12" starboard of the light switch.  I originally though the small amount of water  running thru the valley for the halyard lines was out of the water.  closer review, in certain current/wind contains we rock may 10 degrees.  it appears water is getting to the eye bracket.  tightened the two screens about an hour ago and have seen very little water dripping but rain is lighter and not rocking as much.  when I can get it dry, i will re-set in caulk.  Thanks again for the suggestion. holding off on pulling ceiling. 


I had the same thing two times on my B40 2008.  One time rain was coming from the aft direction as we were on a dock and I assumed that water blew in along the slot that guides the plastic glass companionway door. I guessed that it just over flowed the slot and ran down the side, along the top and to the light switch.  We are rarely on a dock and this had never happened before.  The next time, we were on our mooring and there was heavy rain. I noticed that one of the screws that fix the cabin top (fiberglass top over which the sheets/halyards run to the bank of clutches on the cabin top) was loose and the cabin top was not cinched down (SB side).  The screw was stripped and would not hold.  I filled the hole with epoxy and screwed in a slightly larger stainless steel screw and it held tight.  I have not yet had any more leaks, including leaks dripping through the light switch panel.  I'd check this. 

I have learn over the last few years that small issues can lead me to something much bigger.  I believe I may have found my water leak.  Checked everything on cockpit side of windscreen and nothing looked out of place.  Once the rain died down, I checked the traveler.  The starboard end of the traveler was up about 3/8” from the deck.  pulled off both end caps. the gap is visible in the picture posted.  starboard has a all thread as shown in the picture.  Port has a square head bolt that is trapped in the long slot and will not turn.  maybe threaded rod sets position and the other bolts adjust to the holes.  pulled the ceiling panels starting at the port light.  required removal of two panels before I could access the under side of the threaded rod.  nut could be turned by hand.  was able to get some new caulk under traveller end and tightened down.  pulled another ceiling panel and loosened the fourth panel to get to next bolt on traveler.  about two complete turns or more to get it tight.  I could not get any caulk under this as it was to close to deck.  no visible gap or movement on port side but will eventually pull panels and check the nuts.  An anchorage in the Bahamas is not the right place to start a major project to fix this.  I’m guessing this will eliminate most if not all of the leakage short turn.  Beneteau did put one fender washer under the nut before they tightened it up.  no backing plate or lock washer.  Those will have to wait until I get back to the states as part of the fix.  Back to the small issue thing I started with.  I use my traveler on a regular basis.  You may be able to see some of the details of my conversion from two blocks on the end to three.  I now have a 5 to 1 ratio on the traveler compared to the original 4 to 1.  The lead in block from the 180 deg turning block on deck is 50% larger in diameter than the original lewmar and all blocks are ball bearing.  I can adjust the traveler at full sail pretty much with one hand.  If the nut had come off the all thread and I got a pretty good load on that end, the traveler would have been toast.  The leak headed me in the correct direction.  For this, I give thanks.

Glad you were able to find your leak.


Last night we got two pretty good showers with 15 to 20 k of wind.  No water dripping this morning so it appears I found the leak.  Thanks for all of the suggestions. Picture attached.

Thanks! I'm definitely going to check my traveller after the winter thaw.


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