Anyone having an issue with their shower sumps gurgling and backlashing small amounts of water? Both the main and forward heads are doing it and generally if one is used the other has the issue. I know they're tied together at the manifold by the pump but I don't see a check valve anywhere in the system that I could check or clean. Anyone experienced this?


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Hi Mike, our sumps never clear all the water and we have occasionally heard them gurgle but usually when there are soap suds. I don't think there is a check valve.


not having the issue yet but it sounds like the drain line (s) are becoming clogged from usage. not sure how to clean the line but you are b43#1, you'll figure it out.. Once you complete it let us know how to do it. I would start at the manifold to see if it's qunked up, if not, maybe disconnect the discharge hose from rear of boats thru hull and run a plastic snake or some type clearing apparatus to make sure line is clear???


On my Ben 40, the check valve was in the head of the discharge pump. I took off the discharge hose unscrewed the head of the pump and inside was a triangular flapper piece that acted as the check-valve, similar to the way the head discharge works. Sand or hair will cause the triangular flaps to stay slightly open and back-flow the water. After years of use, the rubber loses its elasticity and needs to be replaced.


I was getting same problem and ordered the rebuild kit for the pump.  I believe it had a new diaphram and a valve similar to a joker valve on the head.  Cheap, easy and it fixed it.

Thanks guys and yes there is a check valve on the discharge side of the pump.Forgot there was one there. I'll check that valve and let you know what I find.

I removed the check valve and found it to be wide open. Couldn't find a replacement check valve (also called a tricuspid valve) so ordered the service kit for the pump which includes a new valve and housing. Thanks again for the feedback.



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