Well, after 9 years the boat was beginning to gain a heady aroma. The head hoses were permeated and an inquiring nose could tell. So, changed out all hoses in the aft (most used) head .

Look at the picture of the hose from the y valve to the holding tank. It is the one that holds stuff due to the holding tank being high.

It weighed significantly more than the others upon removal. Now i see why. Probably would have clogged shut during some dark and stormy night, or at the most beautiful anchorage. Only about a half to three quarter inch opening remained.

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Hi Sam

Thanks for the photo. Our boat is also 9 years old but so far so good, no smells. My question for you is;

 Are you using seawater or, on board fresh-water ( from tank) for flushing?

We installed a Jabsco fresh water flush system on our boat upon delivery and whenever I change joker valves I look/check hoses, so far, as far as I can see, they look clear and flush time seems consistent. We were lead to believe the smelling/blocking of lines is cause by deceased microbiological sea critter buildup in lines, not human waste. I have not checked the line from the Y valve to date. Additionally, if its human waste block up I would think clearing the lines might be a possibility since human waste should break up/dissolve fairly easily?


James, we use saltwater when offshore. Otherwise we use a freshwater flush. The design is such that whatever is in the line sits between the top of the holding tank and the joker valve. Over time, stuff builds up. Amazed at what a human can produce! Calcified urine, etc. 


Thanks for reply. Salt water + urine = calcification along with dead seacritter buildup/blockage equates to blocked pipes!
Even though our B43 has never flushed seawater I maintained original equipment in place but totally disconnected (thru hull shut off and lines blocked, pumps etc) to convert back to seawater flush in event of failure of freshwater flush but in 9 years of operation both electric heads have worked flawlessly.

Sam, wow that's some serious blockage. Like James we too flush with fresh water. And like James haven't had any issues with hose blockage (that we know of) or odor. Actually we find our biggest source of odor in the heads come from the sink/shower sump. We flush them on a regular basis or when they begin to stink. It's amazing the gunk that sticks to the inside of that drain hose and the odor it creates.


Agree that te shower drains really hold odors. I've found adding some bilge cleaner to the shower sumps and letting it sit helps


I think I'm going to plumb the sink drains directly overboard to remedy the problem. We use fresh water flush and the sea water intake seacock sits closed and unused. While I'll have to step the 1" drain hose down to the 3/4" sea water intake hose I don't see why it wont work. I may need to install a vented loop to prevent back flow while sailing but that should be easy enough. Just tired of the constant effort it takes to keep the sump from smelling. Plus no more drain sump cycling means less wear and tear on the pump.



In that config will you need some type actuated pump to pump your sinks drain water up through the vented loop before leaving boat? How would you configure the pump?

James, the vented loop should act just like a trap does under your sink at home so no need for a pump.



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