Hello everyone!

first time posting in this group, everything here is very interesting.

I own a 2008 B40 Oceanis, located in Spain at the moment, and would love to hear your opinions.

The 200l fresh water tank developed a 15cm crack when filling up. The cracki is very easy to see and access. So I have two options, either replacing it which provably is going to be expensive and still not sure if the tank fits through the cabin door. Or try to weld it. For welding I need the exact same plastic material. 

Anyone try welding this tanks? And what kind of plastic it is? Polyethylene? High density polyethylene? Low density?

Your will be much appreciated!

Fair winds,


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While I do not know what material the tanks are made of I do know that they are very difficult to repair. We had our water tank in the aft cabin on our 2008 43 replaced due to a crack. They had to remove the bedding and boards under it. I also had the holding tank in the forward head crack. I did the replacement myself. Early year 40 & 43s had faulty tanks. I hope this helps.


I'd be tempted to try 3M 5200 on it (rather thickly) spreading it over a good sized area with perhaps a couple of patches of fiberglass cloth sandwiched in to hold down flexing.  Just a thought I had.


Hi Matias

I had the same issue with my B40 a few years ago.  I had a plastic welding expert check out the crack to see if he could weld it.  He was firmly of the opinion that the crack could not be repaired by welding it.  I had the tank replaced with a new one from Beneteau.  From this you will understand that the tank can be removed from the boat and replaced although it is a tight fit.  As far as I recall the tank was about Euro 200 plus freight and fitting.

Good luck.  John

Hello everyone,

Thank you VERY much for your answers. Really helpful. It’s a relief to know that the tank can be removed, and if the price is still around 200 euros, then that’s a lot less that what I was expecting, so good news. Will call Beneteau to ask for quoatation.

Thanks again to all, 



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