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my ericson 35mII going 8 kts under jib alone in 15 kts wind...
Hi All! This is the latest shot of my boat underway...and I am at the helm ;-)
Lot's of wind -- Lot's of FUN!!!

Article that has the picture.

Andrea nice boat!
Not to be critical here but to show the other gals about sail trim. If you notice that your jib is luffing around because the mainsail is blocking the wind to the jib due to the wind coming DDW (dead downwind). The the two outer boats do not have their jibs rolled out. You do, which is fine but you need to do a few things to get it to fly.
#1 is to pole it out with a whisker pole. Can be a pain to set if short handed in crew.
#2 is twist the mainsail, like the the outer boats have. From the pictures you can see the bottom 1/3 of the mainsail moved to leeward puts a twist into the sail. This is done with the traveller. How do it is this.
a. Tighten vang.
b. Release Cunningham and down haul (creates belly) Most boats don't seem to have these unless you race or small sailboat under 30'
c. With the traveller and boom center tighten up the outhaul to near taught..
d. Move traveller to full windward (down) position.
c. Ease mainsheet until top 2/3 of mainsail is up against the spreaders, ( I personally don't like my sails against the spreaders due to chaff. This is personal preference)
d. Move traveller to around 1/2 to 3/4 leeward (up) position until desired twist is achieved.

What this does is open up a slot for the wind to get to the lower 2/3 of the jib especially if it is low cut (the foot of the sail is close to the lifelines at the clew). You will see that Andrea's top 1/3 is flying and the lower 2/3 is not. Another way to get the jib to fly especially if you have a 130-150 jib is to reef in or roll in the mainsail enough to fill the the jib. I usually find about first reef or about 1/3 on a rolling furling does the trick.
The other thing is make sure your jib car is all the way forward. This technique is only if going DDW +/- 15 degrees.
Hope this helps. should write a book! Terri has sent me several postings from you and you have a gift for explaining1 Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
my new engine--perkins 4-108 upon installation----is a loud video....

From videos of installed and running blue engine
Thanks that's at Sail Craft in Oriental, NC
Still would like to see other boats too
Finally got my boat all cleaned up....she's looking and feeling like home again.....she is a CS 27.....just sharing a few photos of her interior,,,,,,
So neat and trim...Pretty boat.

Thanks for sharing.

Some very nice boats here....thanks for sharing...any others who can post pictures?


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