Since we've added three pages of best sail configuration, let's switch to Keels and Rudders:
Here's my thoughts: The best keels for serious venturing offshore are full keels (like the Westsails, and early Cape Dorys and Bristols - yes they are slower and don't point well, but they are strong and help you keep a course in a seaway and less apt to sustain damage in a grounding. Next best is the cutaway forefoot keel, with a skeg-hung rudder - they point better and still have a strong keel and well protected rudder. For the racer set, the fin keel and spade rudder configuration is faster and points best of all underbodies - however, both the keel and rudder are more subject to damage in groundings or collisions with underwater junk/reefs, etc. They are not as stable in heavy weather, because often you have to run before the storm and they do not run downwind as well as full and cutaway forefoot underbodies and in a beam sea they get pushed around more.


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We just hauled a friend of mines 34 Morgan (centerboard) which hasn't been hauled in 7 years. He regularly would dive and scrape the stuff off. There really wasnt much buildup and his board works just fine and dandy. It is a smaller board and fiberglass which will make a difference when it comes to weight and hardward raising and lowering it.
Checkin out an Irwin 31, not sure of the year yet, caught wind of it today...I know it's not to be compared with the fixed keels of sorts, but is the swing keel on this boat going to be a real bitch in the long run. I savvy preventative maintenance and am 9 out of 10 times on it....should I keep lookin, even if this boat is sittin with a very nice price, and new diesel! My intended cruising will be that of destination sailing within coastals.
I looked at a couple on yachtworld. I saw 3 different keel configurations. A 4 footer, a five and a half and a 6 footer. I didn't see any "swing keels". I can't really recall seeing a swing keel on a boat of that size and if they do come in that configuration I wouldn't consider it.

If on the other hand you're talking about a boat with a centerboard I don't think a centerboard would be a problem. If I could lose a foot of draft in exchange for a centerboard I'd do it in a heart beat. When you pull it to paint it every year just pay attention to the pennant and sheaves. I've replaced a few pennants on different boats and its a simple matter if you do it "before" the pennant fails. Stay on top of it and it shouldn't be a problem.

The line drawing of the hull that I saw showed a spade rudder. I know that there's a lot of spade rudders out there. I just wouldn't have one if you're going to be cruising in a lot of places that you've not familiar with.

s/v Veranda
Preahadit Bill, Will be down where this boat is in a week or so to see,,,,I know its full keel (told w/ swing), tiller(prob. a spade, and im not familiar w/ anywhere I'll be trekin'). Will ponder this.

s/v Perkins Hill


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