How did you name your boat? I am always curious about how people name their boat and if there is a story behind it. After seeing all of the names on this site, I am looking forward to hearing the stories...So, If you have a boat how did you come up with the name?

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Clever name... and yes, I have heard that it is bad luck. But who would want to change that name?
I enjoyed your photos and video.
I never came up with names for my first two boats. The next was an exciting trimaran, which I named Three Play. My current boat, is a Leopard 40 catamaran, which I named Changing Spots.
Thank you.

I like that! Changing spots...very original.
Being a "child" of the 60's and 70's, a lot of the music of those days sticks with me. And of course the song titles and group names. When I got our newest (to us) sailboat she was "un-named". Her old name had been painted over and the current owner didn't know what it had been.
Of couse one can't leave a boat ( especially a sailboat) in that condition........... She is a 21 foot sloop, An Aquarius, made in August or October of 1972 by Coastal Recreation Inc. of California.

Well now, An Aquarius eh ?

Didn't take long for the song "Good Morning Starshine" to pop up in this grey head. OK So the group Aquarius didn't make the original recording but as I remember they did do the song fairly often. Hence the un-named lady's name is now "StarShine". (And her dingy is "Glimmer".)

Altho small, she is rigged for coastal cruising. VHF, HF, Auto-tiller, GPS nav, 406 Beacon, etc.
Furthest off shore she's been so far is about 50 miles West of Key West. Was heading out to the Dry Tortugas but got turned back by weather beyond her capabilities to handle (Shucks, another time maybe). Spend at least two weeks aboard her each summer sailing the Lake of the Woods in MN,ON,MB (see
Those must be a very relaxing 2 weeks. Impressive and daring journeys on StarShine. Fun name!
It is bad luck to change the name of a boat unless one goes through an elaborate ceremony (one part involves having a Vestal Virgin pee in the bilge) besides toasting the gods of wind & sea.

Even though I am a Shellback vs. a Polliwog and met with King Neptune, the Royal Barterer, the Royal Baby, the Royal Queen, the Royal Doctor, and the Royal Garbage Chute, I have elected not to change the name of any of the boats that I have had. So the succession has been Pices, Family Affair and now Drac Verd.

Also, under the mast step should be a coin. Since with Drac Verd I can not verify a coin is there I have a France coin that was in the Nav table taped in place!

Andrea, I saw Can Drac, she looks like a beauty. May you have fair winds & small seas in your voyaging!!
Wow, what a history of names. Hey, did you ever receive the history behind Drac Verd? If not, Franc can share it.

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of Can Drac. We are hoping to do the test sails this Sunday and bring her home on Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you and enjoy your voyages as well!
Franc has already related the story throught Brian Winters who passed it on to me. Thanks.
Was your first boat (Beneteau 311?) a Drac.
I will maintain the Drac Dynasty!
I understand from Don that the new owner will be coming to Tall Oaks Marina where I am slipped.
Yes, Bill you are now part of a long dynasty!

It all started with Drac Blanc (white dragon) back in the 70s in the Med. It was a Puma 26 (they don't make those anymore) that my parents owned then. 8 years ago my family moved up to Drac Blau (blue dragon), a Beneteau 36CC also in the Med (you can find it here on SeaKnots as well). And now they are sailing another Drac Blau (Jeanneau 42DS)

The 311, was our first boat together and also the first Drac Verd. I guess technically you now own Drac Verd II but we never referred to it that way. I can't believe the two boats are going to end up at the same marina!

Also, we just found some of the boat items we had made with the Drac Verd logo on them. Since you are keeping the name, we would like you to have them. Will you be stopping by Winters anytime soon? We'll be at Riverside this weekend and could drop them off then.
Yes, Franc, thank you. I will pick them up from Brian next week.
Carole will not allow anything blue from my old boat since it will clash with the green motif.
Bill, you have a bag full of Drac Verd goodies waiting for you at Winters. Enjoy!
Franc, gracias.
I am planning on a sail-about to Block Island starting June 16th with another boat. We(Carole will not be with me) will moor at Atlantic Highlands that night then do East River the 17th. Since I am a member of the Latitudes & Attitudes Cruising Club(magazine), I will be flying a Green, Yellow, Red Dragon flag! We will be coming back thru NY harbor on or about the 26th.

Don't wait For your Ship to come in, swim out to it!
Smooth Seas does Not make for a Skillfull Sailor.
Dwell on the beauty of The Journey, not the destination.
Bill Hunsinger, USCG Master <50 Tons, s/v Drac Verd, retired from gainful employment


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