Raft Up Renewable Energy & Installations - Helping You Reduce Your Carbon Keel Print

Hello all you Cruisers out there. Ever feel that you just aren't getting enough out of your batteries? Or the service from some one that lives ashore just doesn't understand? We would like to let you know that there is some help out there. We are a family of 4 living aboard our own yacht full time for the past 3 years. Just like you!!!! We can tell you what is really going to work and how to maximize your battery time. We have an onboard work shop complete with Lathe/Mill, Welder (for all of your solar/wind/dingy davit needs). Each system is custom taylored to meet your needs while cruising. The best part is is that there is no dockage fee's. You just come over and raft up along side while the work is carried out. Or just come by and have a chat. We follow the cruising season so if you are in the area and need something done or some FREE Consultation don't hesitate to ask. We provide a professional personalized service just like that long ago Doctors House Call. You can check us out at Don't forget to click on Where Are We Now? and the Clean Seas Projects to see our latest Go Green Platform.
See You Soon
Cameron, Leighia, Maya & Fynn

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I can't believe it! We actually anchored by you in Oyster Bay this summer and even looked up the site! Where are you planning on being in December?
We are currently in Annapolis and will start heading south this weekend. We'll either head to the Carribean or up around the keys and to St Pete for the next sail boat show. We follow the work, and wouldn't mind following the warmer weather too. Are you live aboard up in long Island Sound for the winter?
Greetings... I am a fellow cruiser who is in the process of rebuilding my boat (a 41' Morgan OI ketch rig) for many more years of cruising... I basically have cruised the East Coast and the Bahamas.... As I am also a fancy knot tyer (read decorative knot work) and have been a professional rigger, I too have thought about providing these services from my boat.... My question is how do you get a permit to work outside of your country of residence (could not tell that from your website but it appears to be NZ..???) and how do you then pay taxes on your services and or products that you supply/provide....??? The US has pretty tuff laws regarding "green card work" and I know the Bahamas does also.... In Australia, fuggetaboutit....... So my question is, how do you do it...???

Thank you for your response,
Steve Coates
You have brought up a good question. Our company is based in FL and pay FL taxes and our insurance is set up as a mobile business. I have two passports and my wife has a green card, and pay US Taxes. When back in NZ we pay NZ taxes and under the Commonwealth Agreement we are free to work and pay taxes in Aus. As far as being outside of FL, and still in the US Territories, from what our accountant has set up, we are hired/contracted through FL. We understand when outside of the US, We are brought in through Foreign Consulting Agreement and have to apply for a Small Business Permit.depending on length of stay. We are still working on the laws of different countries as each country has different rules regarding Foreign Consulting Specialized Business.

Hope this helps
Cameron Murray
s/y Tranquility
This helps a lot.... Thanks so much for the info... I have a business in the US so maybe I can "go that route" while crusing the East Coast....

Hope to see you out there.....



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