Beneteau Oceanis 40 / 2 CABINES ----versus--- Bavaria 40 Vision 2008/2009

Does any body know something about this Boat ?
I am planing to buy one of these ...

The Hanse and the most of the other brands in the same price category have in the moment an rectangular design witch is not pleasant to us.

The Beneteau Oceanis is better equipped for the price ...
What you know about those Boats ?

I hope to get more informations soon (visiting an Beneteau dealer)

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How is your boat going, this is the boat I am looking at. Would love to know your thoughts on it now. I am glad you didn't take any notice of those people who still live in the dark ages with yacht designs. I have raced yachts all over and pushed these boat though the biggest seas, something an old fassion design could never do. It's great to sail a fun boat, thats half of what it's all about.



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